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The Europe (ETTU) Cup is the second most important continental tournament for clubs in European table tennis, after the European Champions League.

The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) has organised this cup since the 1965-66 season.

In the first 50 years of the Women`s ETTU Cup, the most winners came from Hungary, 17. BSE Budapest took the seven titles (1982-1985, 1988-1990).

Bursa Buyuksehir Belediyespor got its very first title in the 2016/17 season, defeating Tigem SC Ankara in the all-Turkish final. The runners up in the Women’s ETTU Cup in 2015, Metz TT clinched the 2017/18 title after impressive performance in the second leg of the final against Spanish GIRBAU-VIC TT on home soil (1st leg 3:2 for Spanish side, 2nd leg 3:0 for Metz).

In the season 2018/2019 for a third time Spanish UCAM Cartagena clinched the title. In the final they overcame French CP Lyssois Lille Métropole by same margin in both legs 3:1.






Year Winner Runner-up
2018/2019 UCAM Cartagena (ESP) CP Lyssois Lille Métropole (FRA)
2017/2018 Metz TT (FRA) Girbau VIC TT (ESP)
2016/2017 Bursa Buyuksehir Belediyespor (TUR) Tigem SC Ankara (TUR)
2015/2016 CP Lyssois Lille Metropole (FRA) Bursa Büyüksehir Belediyespor (TUR)
2014/2015 KTS Tarnobrzeg (POL) Metz TT (FRA)
2013/2014             SVS Ströck (AUT)                                    Club Pongiste Lyssois Lille Metropole (FRA)
2012/2013 Fenerbahçe (TUR) KTS Tarnobrzeg (POL)
2011/2012 Fenerbahçe (TUR) Vladivostok (RUS)
2010/2011 Li-Ning/Infinity Heerlen (NED) Berlin Eastside (GER)
2009/2010 Cartagena (ESP) KTS Tarnobrzeg (POL)
2008/2009 Cartagena (ESP) KTS Tarnobrzeg (POL)
2007/2008 Dalenergosetproekt (RUS) KTS Tarnobrzeg (POL)
2006/2007 3B Berlin (GER) Fotoprix VIC (ESP)
2005/2006 Homberger Turnerschaft (GER) 3B Berlin (GER)
2004/2005 Postás Matáv Budapest (HUN) Relesa Galvame Cartagena TM (ESP)
2003/2004 3B Berlin (GER) TV Busenbach (GER)
2002/2003 Postás Matáv Budapest (HUN) Müllermilch Langweid (GER)
2001/2002 3B Berlin (GER) TTC Femont Röthenbach (GER)
2000/2001 TSV Betzingen (GER) Budapest SE (HUN)
1999/2000 Postás Matáv Budapest (HUN) TSV 1927 Röthenbach/St. Wolfgang (GER)
1998/1999 FC Langweid (GER) FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen (GER)
1997/1998 Rot-Weiss Klettham-Erding (GER) FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen (GER)
1996/1997 Rot-Weiss Klettham-Erding (GER) Team Galaxis Lübeck (GER)
1995/1996 FC Langweid (GER) FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen (GER)
1994/1995 FC Langweid (GER) FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen (GER)
1993/1994 Rot-Weiss Klettham Erding (GER) TuS Glane (GER)
1992/1993 TuS Glane (GER) Montpellier Le Crés (FRA)
1991/1992 Tempo Team Amsterdam (NED) TSG Dülmen (GER)
1990/1991 TSG Dülmen (GER) CSS Sciinta Constanta (ROU)
1989/1990 BSE Budapest (HUN) Fövarosi Vizmüvek Budapest (HUN)
1988/1989 BSE Budapest (HUN) Spvg Steinhagen (GER)
1987/1988 BSE Budapest (HUN) Perucica Foca (YUG)
1986/1987 Avanti Hazerswoude (NED) Spartak Vlasim (TCH)
1985/1986 Avanti Hazerswoude (NED) Vitkovice Ostrava (TCH)
1984/1985 BSE Budapest (HUN) ATSV Saarbrücken (GER)
1983/1984 BSE Budapest (HUN) Spartacus Budapest (HUN)
1982/1983 BSE Budapest (HUN) Spartacus Budapest (HUN)
1981/1982 BSE Budapest (HUN) Industrogradnja (YUG)
1980/1981 DSC Kaiserberg (GER) Industrogradnja (YUG)
1979/1980 Vitkovice Ostrava (TCH) Mladost Zagreb (YUG)
1978/1979 Weiß-Rot-Weiß Kleve (GER) Mladost Zagreb (YUG)
1977/1978 Mladost Zagreb (YUG) Delta Lloyd Amsterdam (NED)
1976/1977 Sparta Praha (TCH) CS Pochtenetz Sofia (BUL)
1975/1976 Weiß-Rot-Weiß Kleve (GER) Delta Lloyd Amsterdam (NED)
1974/1975 Epitök Budapest (HUN) Start Praha (TCH)
1973/1974 FTC Ferencvaros Budapest (HUN) Ramsharde-Flensburg (GER)
1972/1973 FTC Ferencvaros Budapest (HUN) Kieler TTK Grün-Weiß (GER)
1971/1972 FTC Ferencvaros Budapest (HUN) Kieler TTK Grün-Weiß (GER)
1970/1971 DSC Kaiserberg (GER) FTC Ferencvaros Budapest (HUN)
1969/1970 31. Epitök Budapest (HUN) BVSC Budapest (HUN)
1968/1969 31. Epitök Budapest (HUN) FTC Ferencvaros Budapest (HUN)
1967/1968 31. Epitök Budapest (HUN) Slavia VS Praha (TCH)
1966/1967 Lokomotiva Bratislava (TCH) 31. Epitök Budapest (HUN)
1965/1966 SSV Freiburg (GER) Slavia VS Praha (TCH)

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