Europe Top 16

The ETTU's elite individual competition, the CCB Europe Top 16 Cup, will be played for the 54th time in 2025 since its launch in 1971 in Zadar for the first time. The next three editions, 2025, 2026 and 2027, will be played in Montreux. Previously held as a Top 12 event for both Men and Women categories, the tournament changed its format to Top 16 in 2015 in Baku.

Whether it was the Europe Top 12 or Europe Top 16 Cup, the tournament has always gathered the continents finest. The man with the most appearances is Belarus' Vladimir SAMSONOV (23), followed by Jean-Michel SAIVE of Belgium (21) and Jan Ove WALDNER of Sweden (18). Dutch star Bettine VRIESEKOOP tops the women's list (19), while Olga NEMES of Romania and later Germany is second (18), followed by Hungary's Csilla BATORFI (17).

The most wins are held by Jan Ove WALDNER and Timo BOLL, each with seven.

In the women's event, Beatrix KISHAZI of Hungary has four wins; with NI Xia Lian of Luxembourg being one place lower with one win less. 

 WALDNER is the youngest player to have clinched the title. It happened in 1984 when he was 19.

The winners of the 2024 CCB Europe Top 16 Cup in Montreux are Jia Nan YUAN of France and Darko JORGIC of Slovenia. It is a hat-trick for JORGIC, who clinched the title for the third time in a row, while YUAN became the first woman from France to reach the highest step on the medal rostrum. Bronze medalists in the Men's event are Marcos FREITAS of Portugal and Alexis LEBRUN of France. In women's Singles, Bernadette SZOCS of Romania and Nina MITTELHAM of Germany finished third.



Event Information
2025 Europe Top-16 Cup
21 - 23 Feb 2025
Montreux, Switzerland