Honorary Members

 Mrs. Nancy EVANS (WAL) † (1903 – Cardiff, July 28th, 1998)

Mr. Roy EVANS (WAL) Nancy EVANS was born on 1903 and died in Cardiff on 28th July, 1998 aged 95 years. As TT player she was many times International player for Wales. From 1945 till 1989 she was appointed as Welsh TT Association General Secretary from 1933 to 1939. Whereas from 1960 till 1984 she was the ETTU General Secretary, after which she was appointed as first ETTU Honorary Life Member.


Mr. Roy EVANS (WAL) † (October 8th, 1909 – Cardiff, May 18th, 1998)

Mr. Roy EVANS (WAL) H. Roy EVANS was born on 8th October 1909 and died in Cardiff 18th May 1998 aged 88 years. He occupied many official functions during his long career. He became Welsh TT Association General Secretary from 1933 to 1939. From 1951 till 1967 he was the General Secretary of the International Table Tennis Federation, whilst from 1967 to 1987 he was the ITTF President. During this period he promoted the participation of table tennis in the Olympic Games which finally was reached in 1984 for the Games in Seoul 1988.


Dr. György LAKATOS (HUN) † (May 27th, 1918 – Budapest, July 9th, 2001)

Dr. György LAKATOS (HUN) György LAKATOS was born in Budapest on 27th of May 1918 and died on 9th of July 2001. Since 1934 he started his carrer as TT player and became the captain of the national team. After the 2nd World War he spent the most part of his time to reorganize the Hungarian TT Association structure becoming at first General Secretary, then member of Presidum and Vice President. From 1976 till 1983 was the Hungarian TT Association President and from 1989 Honorary President. On 1958 he was a member of European table Tennis Union foundation. He was elected as ETTU Vice – President and from 1982 till 1986 he became the ETTU President. He was also the Chairman of the ETTU Ranking Committee, a role he occupied also for the International Table Tennis Federation. He invented one of the best European event, The Europe Top 12 (the old Europe Top 10).


Mr. Leonid MAKAROV (RUS) † (died October 16th, 1990)

Mr. Leonid MAKAROV (RUS)

Leonid MAKAROV was born in Moscow, in 1930s he was one of the best USSR players, popularizing and developing table tennis in Soviet Russia. Working for the Ministry of Foreign Commerce, he was the President of Soviet Table Tennis Federation (1950-1967). After World War II he was one of the leaders in USSR, developing and inspiring Russian Table Tennis.

Leonid MAKAROV was the first Russian representative in Swaythling Сlub International. After working career he became in the Head of USSR Umpires Committee (1987-1990).


Mr. George R. YATES (ENG) †

Mr. Leonid MAKAROV (RUS)  


Mr. Henk VAN DILST (NED) † (Rotterdam, July 2nd, 1925 – Rotterdam, December 8th, 1995)


Henk VAN DILST was born 2nd of July 1925 in Rotterdam, died on 8th of December 1995 in Rotterdam, started tabletennis in 1948, was president in Rotterdam NTTB 1954-1964, was treausurer NTTB 1965-1974, also in ETTU 1972- till his death. In 1982 in ITTF-Council ITTF. In NTTB honorary member in 1988, after that he received the ITTF merit award from Ichiro OGIMURA.

(Photo by courtesy of the Netherlands “Stichting Vrienden van het Tafeltennis” – Friends of Table Tennis Foundation)


Mr. Lollo HAMMARLUND (SWE) † (February 19th, 1932 – Stockholm, October 15th, 1995)

Mr. Lollo HAMMARLUND (SWE) Sven-Olof “Lollo” HAMMARLUND of Sweden served in half a century one of the most popular sports in the world: He was elected ITTF President in 1994 but died only five months after gaining the highest office, and only tenmonths after the death of his predecessor, Ichiro OGIMURA, one of the sport’s legends. HAMMARLUND had invited OGIMURA from Japan to coach the Swedish national squad and to live in his home near Stockholm. They became friends for life and under HAMMARLUND’s supervision OGIMURA helped develop the first really great Swedish team.


Mr. Mihovil – Misa KAPETANIC (SRB) † (1922-2012)

Mr. Mihovil – Misa KAPETANIC (SRB) Mihovil – Misa KAPETANIC gave a great contribution to the global improvement and promotion of table tennis. Elected as the President of Yugoslav TTA in 1993, he joined European family a year later, becoming member of ETTU Executive Board and President of Technical committee. In 1986 at the Congress in Prague ETTU members voted for him as the President and he left that position by his own will in 1992 in Stuttgart. Besides honorary member of ETTU and ITTF, KAPETANIC was Honorary President of Mediterranean and Balkan Union as well as Yugoslavia and Serbia Associations.



Mrs. Ella ZELLER-CONSTANTINESCU (GER) Ella ZELLER-COSTANTINESCU was born 26th of November 1933 in Moldova-Noua, but from 1989 she was resident of Hanau near Frankfurt in Germany. She was Sports teacher and table tennis coach graduate from the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Bucarest. As player she achieved important results as World Champion in Women’s Team Event 1953, 1955 and 1956, World Champion in Women’s Doubles with A. Rozeanu 1955 and 1956, World Champion in Women’s Doubles with A. Rozeanu 1955 and 1956, Three times Semi-finalist in Women’s Singles at World Championships and European Champion in Women’s Doubles with A. Rozeanu in 1958. After his playing career she was different times Chairwoman and member of different ETTU Committees and from 1988 till 1992 she was appointed as ETTU Vice-President


Mr. Nils BERGSTRÖM (SWE) † (March 7th, 1930 – August 9th, 2013)

Nils BERGSTRÖM, former President of the European Table Tennis Union and a member of the ITTF President’s Advisory Council, was born on 7th March 1930 and died on 9th August 2013. In his role as a player, he represented Sweden at the World Championships in London in 1948, playing alongside Bengt NICANDER and Tore PALM; he was 18 year/old at the time. Later, he assumed official roles within the European Table Tennis Union and the International Table Tennis Federation. In July 1993 he was appointed Acting President of the European Table Tennis Union following the resignation of Hans Wilhelm GÄB; one year later at the European Championships in Birmingham, he was elected President of the European Table Tennis Union by acclamation. He resigned from his position as President of the European Table Tennis Union in 1997 in order to stand for office as a member of the ITTF Executive Committee; he was duly elected ITTF Vice President at the World Championships in Manchester.


Mr. André DAMMAN (BEL)

Mr. André DAMMAN (BEL) Born in 1931, André Damman has dedicated his whole life to table tannis. Now 81, he is the quiet and charming Bruxellois gentleman the TT family have known since long time, but beneath that suave outward appearance lies a hard taskmaster. Former Belgian player and coach, he has been for long time ITTF and ETTU Ranking Committee Chairman. Moreover, he is very dedicated to preserving and documenting Table Tennis history, with huge contribution given to the ITTF Museum.


Mr. Dieter STEFFEN † (GER) (1940-2023)

Mr. Dieter STEFFEN (GER) Dieter STEFFEN is born 8th of May 1940 in Prague. Connected with table tennis on club basis since 1962. Since then until today chairman of TTC Mennighueffen, a table tennis club which was already two times (1994 and 1999 ) organiser oft the ETTU Junior Top-12. Since 1979 until 2001 chairman oft he German TT Youth Committee and in this function member of the Board of the German TTA. In 2001 appointed Honrable Member of DTTB. In 1993 appointed member of the ETTU Youth Committee and from that time on until 2003 Deputy Chairman of this body. From 2003 until 2010 Chairman of ETTU Youth Committee.


Mr. Eberhard SCHÖLER (GER)

Mr. berhard SCHÖLER (GER) Eberhard SCHÖLER is one of most prominent figures in the history of German and European table tennis. He was born 22nd of December 1940 in Flatow (Poland), starting his remarkable career in late 1950s. From 1961 to 1973 he played 155 times for German national team, winning nine medals on the World and European championships, but the shiniest one out of it was the silver from Singles Event of 1969 World Championships in Munich. In 1966, he married Diane ROWE, in that time English player, who later competed for Germany. They used to play together in mixed doubles. His national record – 9 individual titles – was surpassed after many years, by Timo BOLL who took his 10th one in 2015. Mr. SCHÖLER served more than a decade as Vice-President of ETTU, since he was elected in 1994 in Birmingham. Actual President of ETTU Ronald KRAMER presented him as a new Honorary Member of ETTU during 2014 LIEBHERR World Cup in Dusseldorf, emphasizing: “This award is not only based on the achievements of Ebby SCHÖLER as an outstanding player – known as Mister Pokerface – of world-class level. It is also based on his contribution to the overall development of table tennis at all levels in Europe, as a member of the Executive Board of the European Table Tennis Union for nearly two decades!”


Mr. Jean DEVYS (FRA)

Known for his articles in the France Tennis de Table Magazine. Rédacteur en chef Ping Pong Mag. Over 60 years dedication to TT. FFTT Honorary President.

1977 Organiser of EYC in Vichy (FRA)

1982 Member of the ETTU Youth committee

1984-1994 Member of the ETTU management committee

1994-1996 ETTU Vice-President

1981-1991 Member of ITTF Ranking Committee

1992-2001 ITTF Council member



Mrs. Jeanny DOM (LUX)

Four times Luxembourg Champion, seven times Sportswoman of the year, 1987-1993 Secretary Luxembourg TTF

1993 – 1995 ETTU Secretary

1995 – 2013 ETTU Secretary General



Mr. Hans Wilhelm GÄB (GER)

Member of the German National Team and played his first World Championships 1959 in Dortmund.
1981-1993 President of the German Table Tennis Federation DTTB

1993 President of the European Table Tennis Union

1993 Vice President of  ITTF

Executive in Germany’s Olympic Committee.
Due to health reasons he had to resign from both functions in 1994. 
Since 1994 Honorary President of DTTB. Chief Executive Officer and Supervisory Chairman of Deutsche Sporthilfe, the German Sports Aid Foundation.

For 50 years the “Spiritus Rector” of the club Borussia Düsseldorf, the most successful table tennis club in Europe, where he played for many years with Eberhard Schöler.

Realised the German Table Tennis Center (DTTZ) where the German National Team has its Training Focus.


Mr. Radivoj HUDETZ (CRO) 

Chairman of the ETTHoF board. Yugoslav champion in doubles and vice-champion in singles

Coach of Bayern, the German junior team, the Yugoslav national women team, the Yugoslav champion women team HASTK Mladost Zagreb.
Many years lecturer on table tennis at Faculty of Sport in Zagreb and on international seminars.
Author of several books on table tennis technique, tactics, history and numerous professional articles; chief editor of table tennis periodicals “Tischtennis aktuell” and “SPIN”, author of several films and DVD’s on table tennis
Former president of Yugoslav Table Tennis Association. 
Former General Secretary of Croatian TT Association. Tournament director of World Championships 2007. Former Member of ITTF Board of Directors. From 2013 on Member of ITTF President Advisory Council.

Honoured with ITTF award of merit, with the Croatian Table Tennis Association’s Trophy and with the Sport Award of Croatian Republic.


 Mr. Stefano BOSI (ITA)






 Mr. Jean-François KAHN (FRA)

Mr. Rudolf SPORRER (AUT)  




Mr. Ronald KRAMER (NED)



Mr. Thomas WEIKERT (GER)