ETTU Executive Board meeting - Monday 17th January

On Monday 17th January a meeting of the ETTU Executive Board was held virtually under the leadership of President Igor Levitin.

The President reported on the first meeting of the ITTF Continental Council which he had attended the day earlier. The President thanked ITTF President Petra Sörling for her trust in the Continental Federation Presidents.

The Executive Board members supported the President's proposal that the intercontinental team quota for the 2022 World Team Championships be determined either by intercontinental play-off matches, as originally planned, or by World Team Ranking.

Marketing Manager Beatrice Romanescu detailed the 2022 marketing budget and Vice President Finances Sandra Deaton reported an overall projected surplus for 2022.

It was agreed that prize money for the 2022 Europe Top 16 Cup at Montreux will match the figure of the 2021 edition and will make 100k Euros.

It was noted that the Top 16 Cup hygienic guidelines, in accordance with Swiss Federal regulations, will be published later this month and it was recommended to LOC that there should not be discrimination regarding vaccines.

It was decided that the 2022 European Under 21 Championships will take place from 14th to 18thSeptember at Cluj Napoca ROU.

The Executive Board discussed a proposal to organise a new event for Under 13 boys and girls. It was agreed that a Europe Under 13 Challenge will be held and to discuss arrangements with the Montenegro Table Tennis Association to host the event at Podgorica MNE in June. It was agreed that athlete eligibility will be as for the European Youth Championships.

A further update on the European Ranking was received and discussion continued on its imminent implementation.

The President also instructed to prepare proposals to be included in the agenda of the ETTU Congress which will take place in Munich this year and asked to inform all National Associations accordingly.

President Levitin thanked members and staff for their contributions to the meeting and sent them greetings before closing the meeting.