ETTU | 25 Apr 2021

Executive Board meeting April 24, 2021

On Saturday, April 24, a meeting of the ETTU Executive Board was held in Guimaraes under the leadership of President Igor LEVITIN.
Neven CEGNAR (Development Manager) reported on the development plan for this year. The plan was agreed by the Board and incorporated into the current budget.
Beatrice ROMANESCU (Marketing Manager) has updated ETTU's Executive Board on rebranding, content creation, television rights and sponsorships. Storage and archiving of online materials and content was discussed. The ETTU Executive Board has also agreed on a budget for future marketing projects.
The Executive Board instructed ETTU Vice-President Ina JOZEPSON, together with Competition Manager Alen IVANCIN, to develop requirements for the preparation and conduct of the competition and build coordinated work with the Marketing Manager, as well as monitor compliance with all requirements in the preparation and organisation of the competition.
Vice President Miguel VICENS reported on the progress made in planning the European ranking in collaboration with ETTU Ranking Committee Chairman Igor HELLER.
The Executive Board approved the dates for the 2021-2022 Champions League for men and women from 15 to 17 September 2021 - stage 1, from 3 to 7 November 2021 - stage 2.
President LEVITIN thanked the Executive Board members for their contributions, expressed gratitude to the ETTU Deputy President Pedro MOURA for organizing the competition and meeting in Guimaraes and closed the meeting.