ETTU | 8 Mar 2024

Felix LEBRUN has taken the top spot in the European rankings for March

The March rankings for Europe are now available online. In the latest edition, we see the young French star Felix LEBRUN leading the list after his fantastic performance at the ITTF World Championships in Busan, where France clinched the silver medal.

The most recent rankings include points from the World Championships, Champions League, Europe Cup, as well as the Europe Youth Series Croatia Open for young players, and data extracted from the World rankings as of March 5th.

In the men’s rankings, Felix LEBRUN has moved up two positions to claim the top spot ahead of Slovenia’s Darko JORGIC. Germany’s Dang QIU has dropped to the third position. Rounding out the top 10 are: Marcos FREITAS of Portugal, Trls MOREHARDH of Sweden, Alexis LEBRUN of France, Dimitrij OVTCHAROV of Germany, Kristian KARLSSON of Sweden, Anders LIND, and Jonathan GROTH of Denmark.

At the top of the women’s singles list is Bernadette SZOCS of Romania, followed by Sofia POLCANOVA of Austria, Nina MITTELHAM of Germany, Jia Nan YUAN of France, Ying HAN of Germany, Elizabeta SAMARA of Romania, Natalia BAJOR of Poland, Xiaona SHAN of Germany, Prithika PAVADE of France, and Fu Yu of Portugal.

The full list you can see here