ETTU | 19 Feb 2024

ETTU Executive Board Discussed Proposals Ahead of 2024 ITTF Annual General Meeting

In anticipation of the upcoming 2024 ITTF AGM, the ETTU Executive Board recently convened for a mutual discussion regarding the propositions slated for these crucial gatherings.

Propositions Discussed:

The ETTU Executive Board reached a common agreement to recommend all ETTU Member Associations to support the proposition aiming to amend Constitution Article 1.60. The proposal aims to limit the number of elected persons from each continent to no more than 2. This amendment also seeks to ensure diversity in gender representation within the elected officials. Specifically, it suggests that from the nine persons elected by the AGM (1 president and 8 vice-presidents), there should be no more than 6 individuals from the same gender. Furthermore, a minimum of 3 women should be elected by the AGM.

Proposition of the Equipment Committee and the Rules Committee:

Executive Board members have also agreed to recommend the support the proposition put forth by the Equipment Committee and the Rules Committee. This proposition concerns the regulations regarding the type and thickness of rubber permitted on the playing blade. It proposes that the side of the blade used for striking the ball shall be covered with either ordinary pimpled rubber, with pimples outwards having a total thickness including adhesive of less than 2.05mm, or sandwich rubber, with pimples inwards or outwards, having a total thickness including adhesive of less than 4.05mm, subject to any margin of tolerance specified in the relevant technical equipment document.

Member Associations-Dependent Propositions:

Two propositions discussed in the meeting will be subject to the decision of Member Associations:

Language of Correspondence and Proceedings:

The first proposition pertains to the language used in the correspondence and proceedings of the ITTF. It suggests conducting communications in English or other languages deemed convenient for appropriate tasks and within the resources of the ITTF. This includes languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese (new language), Russian, and Spanish. ETTU Executive Board acknowledges the importance of the Portuguese language around the World.

Regulation of Playing Surface:

The second proposition, proposed by the Rules Committee, addresses the regulation of the playing surface. It recommends that the playing surface should be uniformly dark coloured and matt, with specific markings for lines. For doubles, each court should be divided into two equal half-courts by a center line, which shall be regarded as part of each right half-court.

Finally, the ETTU Executive Board have announced their endorsement of the Spanish bid to host the 2026 World Masters Table Tennis Championships.