ETTU President Levitin attends Umpires and Referee Committee webinar

The ETTU Umpires and Referee Committee (URC) Webinar was held today in the "online" presence of the ETTU President Igor LEVITIN and aimed to strength cooperation with national associations representatives.

President LEVITIN opened the webinar for National Umpires and Referee Committee chairpersons and interested match officials by highlighting the efforts made by the match officials in ensuring fair-play in our sport. The President also mentioned the challenges table tennis is facing at the moment but at the same time the opportunities for match officials.

The ETTU URC used the webinar to present their projects, objectives and tasks to all National Umpires and Referee Committee chairpersons and interested match officials. It was explained that young umpires will have a clear pathway and at the end the best umpires in Europe will be selected to officiate at the ETTU top events. To ensure this objective, close cooperation between the ETTU URC and National URC is important and Development is a key objective for the ETTU.

On 7 December ETTU URC will organise their next webinar, which focuses on increasing the number of female match officials and all associations are invited to motivate their female colleagues to participate.

"All the work done in the last months and also the future projects are only possible because of excellent team work within the ETTU URC and I want to thank my colleagues in URC for their work. We are here to support all associations in Europe in the field of match officials," said URC Chairman Werner THURY.