ETTU | 23 Apr 2024

Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity: ETTU Marks World Table Tennis Day in Saarbrücken

Photo: Ulrich Höfer and Rouven Christ

Today, the world marks World Table Tennis Day and 117 out of the 702 events registered globally are happening in Europe. ETTU is proud to spotlight the success of our recent event at Europa Galerie in Saarbrücken on April 20th.

The event drew hundreds of people from different backgrounds and ages. Everyone came together to enjoy the sport, play fun and friendly matches, and embrace this year's theme of Diversity and Inclusion.

ETTU Secretary General Pierre KASS and ETTU Deputy Secretary General Galia DVORAK joined the celebration. Both took part in the games, showing off their skills and sharing their passion for the sport.

Galia DVORAK shared her thoughts on the day:

"It's wonderful to see so many different people coming together through their love for Table Tennis. Today shows that the sport is truly for everyone, regardless of where you come from or your skill level. I would like to thank the ITTF Foundation, Nico BARROIS, the manager of 1 FC Saarbrücken TT, and Dennis BASTRUCK, the center manager of Europa Galerie, for making this event possible."

Darko JORGIC and Cedric NUYTINCK, members of the local team 1 FC Saarbrücken  TT, which recently won the Men's Champions League Final 4, also visited the Europa Galerie to join the celebrations. Bojan TOKIC, a former Slovenian national team player and current coach of the Belgium national team, attended the event as well.

World Table Tennis Day is more than just a day to celebrate; it's a reminder of how sports can connect people, promote inclusivity, and build respect for each other. At the ETTU, we are proud to support such a meaningful movement.