ETTU | 19 Mar 2021

Executive Board meeting 17th March 2021

On Wednesday 17th March, a meeting of the ETTU Executive Board was held under the leadership of President Igor LEVITIN.

President LEVITIN asked Deputy President Pedro MOURA to report on their recent visit to Doha QAT and the meetings with the ITTF Executive Committee members and WTT senior management and operations teams.

Mr MOURA reported that the main topics recently presented to all European member Associations at the ETTU Extraordinary Congress, i.e. future WTT events in Europe pre- and post-Tokyo, new World Ranking and the international calendar, had been discussed in Doha.

The ETTU representatives were assured that all European major concerns were being evaluated and some of these will be implemented within the ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking soon. In addition WTT guaranteed to work closely with ETTU in order not to have conflicting dates within the international and European calendars; it was confirmed that an ITTF/WTT strategic calendar for 2022-2025 will be published shortly.

Mr MOURA continued that they were assured that the pathway for World Table Tennis Championships (individual and team) will be reviewed and discussed by the ITTF Executive Committee.

They had been informed that the future competition model for the World Junior Table Tennis Championships will be presented to the ITTF Board of Directors for approval by postal ballot.

The ETTU representatives advised ITTF Executive Committee members that ETTU will keep pushing for team competitions to count for World Ranking and for the acceptance of a dynamic formula for Continental competitions within the World Ranking, to make it fair and realistic. They also notified ITTF Executive Committee members of the strong request for the 2023 European Games to be part of the Table Tennis Qualification process for Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The ETTU representatives explained the concerns within Europe that the next WTT events in China will require mandatory quarantine for players and coaches as the Tokyo Olympic Games approach. It was noted that a guarantee had been given that these events will not count towards the Olympic Ranking, which determines Olympic seeding.

ITTF Executive Committee members were informed of ETTU's plans for a new European Tour and Ranking, to start in 2022.

The Doha meetings concluded with the ETTU representatives agreeing in principle for ETTU to sign the ITTF Master Continental Agreement 2021-2024. The agreement will cover three important fundamental aspects: governance, development and events. The total amount of ITTF financial support is pending on the realisation of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships later this year.

Vice President Heike AHLERT reported on the 2021 European Youth Championships, to be held at Varaždin CRO, and the proposal for a split into separate under 19 and under 15tournaments this year to assist with hygienic guidelines and precautions. As a result, the host Association will encounter a significantly reduced income for the event and it was agreed to waiver the 50% support for the hospitality. The Board anticipates the split into two tournaments will mean reduced costs for players and coaches of each visiting Association.

President LEVITIN closed the meeting by appointing next Executive Board meeting in Guimarães POR during next month's European Olympic Qualification.