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Day one in Lignano packed with fierce action

First day of the European Para Table Tennis Championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro concluded after great matches in 22 classes. In Women’s Class 1-2 Russia’s Nadezda PUSHPASHEVA secured the top of Group A with two straight games wins. In Group B Isabel

First day of the European Para Table Tennis Championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro concluded after great matches in 22 classes.

In Women’s Class 1-2 Russia’s Nadezda PUSHPASHEVA secured the top of Group A with two straight games wins. In Group B Isabelle LAFAYE of France is also safe at the top, but she had to play another match tomorrow.

In Class 3 only one round has been played today. At the top of the standings in their respective groups are Anna-Carin AHLQUIST of Sweden, Michela BRUNELLI of Italy, Fanny BERTRAND of France and Doris MADER of Austria.

In Class 4-5 Serbia is doing well. Borislava PERIC RANKOVIC recorded two wins in her Group. Zorica POPADIC has one win, like Swede Ingela LUNDBACK, but LUNDBACK has one defeat. It was POPADIC who beat her. Susan GILROY in Group C secured top position with two wins.

In Class 6 Sandra PAOVIC doing fine. Croatia’s star recorded victory at the opening day. Raisa CHEBANIKA of Russia also succeeded in Group A, whilst in Group C Yuliya KLYMENKO of Ukraine topping the standings.

Class 7 has two Groups. After two rounds Anne BARNEOUD of France is the favorite in Group A and Viktoriia SAFONOVA of Ukraine in Group B.

In Class 8 Thu KAMKASOMPHOU of France has an easy win in the first round, whilst in Group B  Aida DAHLEN of Norway and Zsofia ARLÓY of Hungary were stretched to full distance.

In Class 9 Olga GORSHKALEVA of Russia is first in Group A, but in Group B both Turkey’s Neslihan KAVAS and Karolina PEK of Poland recorded straight games victories. In Class 10 Umran ERTIS of Turkey, Audrey LE MORVAN of France and Hilal TURKKAN of Turkey and Sophie WALLØE of Denmark, all successfully concluded the day with wins.

Class 11 has 12 entries in 3 Groups and in each one two players recorded victories; in Group A Natalya KOSMINA of Russia and Monika DOBKO of Poland, in Group B Anzhelika KOSACHEVA of Russia and Dorota NOWACKA of Poland; in Group C Krystyna SIEMIENIECKA of Poland and Magali ROUSSET of France.

In Men’s Class 1 Olympic and World Champion Holger NIKELIS of Germany had very good start. In Grop B Andreas VEVERA of Austria also left his adversary without the set, as well as Silvio KELLER of Swizerland. In Group C Robert DAVIS of GB and Italy’s Andrea BORGATO both concluded the day unbeaten.

Class 2 has 6 Groups. So far only Fabien LAMIRAULT of France, Martin LUDROVSKY and Jan RIAPOS of Slovakia and  Jiri SUCHANEK of Czech Republic can be named as favorites.

In Class 3 Thomas SCHMIDBERGER of Germany, his compatriot Thomas BRUCHLE, Florian MERRIEN of France, Alexander ÖHGREN of Sweden and Egon KRAMMINGER of Austria all succeeded in both their encounters.

In Class 4 Maxime THOMAS of France, Abdullah OZTURK of Turkey, Nesim TURAN of Turkey and Peter MIHALIK of Slovakia topping their groups. Only in Group C favorite Emeric MARTIN of France suffered by the hands of Shay SAIDA of Israel.

In Class 5 Tommy URHAUG of Norway, Nicolas SAVANT-AIRA of France Ali OZTURK of Turkey and Valentin BAUS of Germany all justified their rankings. However in Group C Mitar PALIKUCA of Serbia and Bart RANDS of Belgium upset the favorite.

In Class 6 Alvaro VALERA of Spain is at the top of the Group A. In B Alberto SEOANE of Spain recorded straight games victory and Peter ROSENMEIER of Denmark was stretched to full distance in the same Group. Two players are also unbeaten in Group C: Danny OBROV of Israel and Bobi SIMION of Romania. In Group D it is the case with Bastien GRUNDELER of France and Thomas RAU of Germany; whilst Raimondo ALECCI of Italy and Tim LAUE of Germany recorded wins.

In Class 7 it is an open fight. After first day in each Group top two seeds are unbeaten. A: Maxim NIKOLENKO of Russia and Paul KARABARDAK of GB; in B Will BAYLEY of GB and jean Paul MONTANUS of Netherlands; in Group C Mykhaylo POPOV of Ukraine and Ben DESPINEX of Belgium; in Group D Jordi MORALES of Spain and Thorsten SCHWINN of Germany; in Group D Jochen WOLLMERT of Germany and Kevin DOURBECKER of France.

In Class 8 Emil ANDERSSON of Sweden recorded two out of two victories. Miroslav JAMBOR of Slovakia has one victory as well as Andras CSONKA of Hungary. However Hungarian player suffered one defeat. Fabian RIGNELL of Sweden and Kenneth BECH of Denmark will fight fior top position in Group C, as well as Richard CSEJTEY of Slovakia and Viktor DIDUKH of Ukraine in Group D. Gyula ZBORAI of Hungary and Aaron MCKIBBIN of GB topping their respective Groups.

In Class 9 all top seeds emerged at the top of their respective Groups: Stanislaw FRACZYK of Austria, Yuriy SHCHEPANSKYY of Ukraine, Cedrik CABESTANY of France, Iurii NOZDRUNOV of Russia and Vadym KUBOV of Ukraine.

In Class 10 Patryk CHOJNOWSKI of Poland, Manuel RUIZ of Spain and Igor MISZTAL of GB, Ivan KARABEC of Czech Republic and Kim DAYBELL of GB are unbeaten.

In Class 11 Peter PALOS of Hungary is half way through the next round. In Group B Zabit Kürşat ÇAĞLAYAN of Turkey and Richard VALLEE of France are unbeaten; in Group C  Pascal PEREIRA-LEAL of France and Andrii NAVROTSKYI of Ukraine recorded victories; in Group D Kamil BALUSZEK of Poland and Sergey POTAPOV of Russia are also unbeaten like Florian VAN ACKER of Belgium and Eduardo CUESTA of Spain in Group E.

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