ETTU creates Network of European Training Centres

The European Table Tennis Union is pleased to announce the Network of European Training Centres. The Network will consist of various Training Centres, endorsed by their respective National Associations and open for international players and coaches.

The goal of this project is to strengthen the collaboration between the European Table Tennis Union and their members by firstly having an updated database of high performance centres and then promoting the exchange of knowledge and implementing development projects such as training camps, seminars or individual training arrangements.

Each Centre as part of this network will continue operating on its own financial merit, under the laws and regulations of that country and with their own set of priorities. The Network for its functioning doesn’t require any affiliation fees nor is a membership fee envisaged to be charged by ETTU. It is understood by all the parties that the ETTU financial support is completely tied to activities, events and individual support of players and coaches towards their long term or short term training stays in a particular Centre. In exchange, the centres willing to be part of the Network are expected to be able to provide operational, technical and scientific support services to high performance athletes and coaches and be willing to exchange knowledge with the other high performance sport centres to interact and share ideas and work methods.

The minimum standards required to be part of the Network are:



10 ITTF approved tables, a non-slippery sports floor and light intensity at the table surface of at least 800 Lux, a ceiling height of at least 3.5 m.


2 coaches (one with international level experience).

Players and


A regular group of 12  players + capacity to host at least 6 more players (total capacity to host at least 18 players).


Accommodation, restaurant and gym at walking distance.


Training Centres interested in becoming members of the Network, are requested to fill in the form and enclose an endorsement letter from their National Association. You can find the form here

We look forward to receiving your applications.

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Project manager Galia DVORAK at