Development | 7 Apr 2024

The favorites have secured the medal positions in the mixed doubles events in Loutraki

On the fourth day of the Europe Youth tournament in Loutraki, the singles and mixed doubles events reached their final stages. In the Under 15 and Under 13 mixed doubles categories, the pairs advancing to the semi-final round and securing medal positions were announced. No surprises occurred, and the performance of Poland and Romania in this event was notable. Among the eight pairs, only one came from outside those countries: Deni VALE from Croatia and Maja VANJO from Serbia, ranked number 4 in the seeding. They advanced to the semis with two victories and will aim for further success on Sunday.

Only one of the favorites failed to secure a medal position. Kacper PIWOWAR and Andreea BAIASU (from England/Romania), seeded number 3, lost in the quarter-finals, 3-1, to Poland's Mateusz GAWLAS and Natasza RUDOLF. However, this outcome was not considered surprising. The final rankings will be determined on the last day of matches. The semi-finals of the mixed doubles are scheduled for today at 11:00 and 11:30, with the finals set for 14:30.

In the Under 15 category, the Polish pair Kacper PERKOWSKI and Maja LAKOMA, along with Deni VALE and Maja VANJO from Croatia and Serbia respectively, have secured spots in the semi-finals. Additionally, the Polish duo Mateusz GAWLAS and Natasza RUDOLF, and compatriots Jan MRUGALA and Katarzyna RAJKOWSKA, are also in contention.

In the Under 13 category, the medalists include the Romanian pair David TORO and Maya Roberta MADAR, the Polish duo Hubert KWIECINSKI and Lucja KOBOSZ, and the Romanian pairs Mihai IORDAN and Maria Alexandra STOIAN, and Alexandru POP and Kariss Yasmin SERBAN.

In the singles events, the main draws have progressed to the quarterfinals without any surprises. Greece is represented by Stella MAVROMATAKI in the girls' category and by George KOUVELAS and Apostolos VATSAKLIS in the boys' category. They will compete on Sunday for a spot in the semi-finals and a chance at the medals. MAVROMATAKI and KOUVELAS secured wins in the first round, while VATSAKLIS advanced to the quarterfinals without facing any opposition.

Today also featured the B Finals brackets, consisting of matches for players eliminated in the group stages. Georgia SPANOU of Greece claimed 1st place in the Under 15 girls' category. In the boys' Under 13 category, Romanian Mihai IORDAN emerged victorious, while in the girls' Under 13 category, it was Romanian Maria Alexandra STOIAN. Croatian Oliver POLJAK clinched the top spot in the boys' Under 15 category.

The gold medal matches are scheduled for 14:30 (mixed doubles), 15:30, and 16:00 (singles).