Europe Top-16 Cup

The quarterfinals at the 2022 CCB Europe Top 16 Cup

The evening program in Montreux continued with the quarterfinals. Follow the action live on, and check the latest photos on

Bernadette SZOCS - Britt EERLAND 4:2 (9:11, 6:11, 11:8, 11:8, 11:8, 12:10)

Another former winner, Bernadette SZOCS overcame Britt EERLAND to reach the semis.

“I lost against her last time, but I took it as an advantage. It gave me great motive to play better. Also I proved to myself that each match is new story. I was maybe too much motivated, because I rushed into the mistakes in the opening game. I wanted so much to win and I wanted to don it quickly. On the other side Britt is the player who puts a lot of rotations in her balls and she put so many balls on the table. Good thing is that I had prepared various tactics for this match. When plan A and B did not work, I had another one. I was fighting and I was not losing my confidence. Even when she was better I kept on fighting,” said SZOCS.

Panagiotis GIONIS - Patrick FRANZISKA 1:4 (6:11, 13:11, 7:11, 7:11, 9:11)

Reigning champion Patrick FRANZISKA start powerfully the match against defender Panagiotis GIONIS, but soon he was under attack.

“GIONIS played very aggressive today. I started very good, won the opening game and even I had a game ball at 10:7, when he recovered. I lost the second game and I was forced to calm down and to change something. I never sit in between the games, but today I did. I thought what to do. I needed my focus back and all the strength I could get because you can not win quickly against GIONIS,” said FRANZISKA.

Sofia POLCANOVA – Ni Xia Lian 4:3 (13:11, 11:2, 14:12, 10:12, 1:11, 5:11, 11:7)

The second quarterfinals in Men's and in Women's Event brought big drama. On both table we saw remarkable comebacks. Top seeded Sofia POLCANOVA had 3:0 before NI Xia Lian of Luxembourg recovered to level.

“NI is so clever and I respect her so much, as everyone here. In this spirit I started the match, but when I reached 3:0 I mistakenly thought that nothing bad could happen. I just thought I already win, but NI took advantage of my attitude. She started to play much more aggressive. At point when it was 3:2, I was afraid, but when she leveled I stopped thinking that way. I said to myself, now it is 0:0, we are going with the new game,” said POLCANOVA.

Kristian KARLSSON – Truls MOREGARDH 3:4 (11:13, 11:8, 4:11, 9:11, 11:9, 11:8, 8:11)

Without coaches two Swedes clashed for the place in the semis and it was Truls MOREGARDH who won epic battle against Kristian KARLSSON.

“It is always hard when you play against your teammate. There are no secrets there. I had a good start with 3:1, but then I went to much back, I was passive and Kristian took over the control. It did not kill my spirit. I had very good wins recently and I keep repeating to my self that I am the winner,” said MOREGARDH.

Polina MIKHAILOVA – Nina MITTELHAM 4:2 (11:7, 9:11, 4:11, 11:8, 11:7, 11:8)

Polina MIKHAILOVA's defensive skills proved too strong for last year's champion Nina MITTELHAM.

“I am still in shock I did not believe I will win this and reach the semifinal. I think that Nina could not find the game for my style. She made too much mistakes but at the end in the last game I had a little luck,” said MIKHAILOVA.

Darko JORGIC - Daniel HABESOHN 4:2 (11:8, 11:9, 11:6, 6:11, 7:11, 13:11)

Darko JORGIC was on the way to exit with the win in his pocket with 3:0 and 5:2, when Daniel HABESOHN showed he has other plans.

“I was too much sure I could win and I become too relaxed. I become too passive and HABESOHN took advantage of it. At the end I managed to halted his forehand attacks and to win this,” said JORGIC.

Timo BOLL - WANG Yang 4:1 (11:6, 11:8, 9:11, 11:6, 12:10)

Timo BOLL maintained his patience to overcame defensive skills of WANG Yang.

“He is a very good player and he improved his game a lot. Physically it was hard to stay on right way especially since he has a lot of variations in his game. To play against him you need to have a lot of confidence, and that is what I have to rebuild again. I had a very long brake; can not remember when I had it that long in the past. That is why I am very happy that I managed to succeed,” said BOLL.”Tomorrow will be completely different match against Truls. I already played against him at the World Championships and I know how unusual style he has.”

Elizabeta SAMARA – HAN Ying 3:4 (11:9, 9:11, 12:10, 10:12, 11:9, 4:11, 8:11)

HAN Ying is a defensive player of the very highest order but when a positive approach was needed, her attacking skills are also from the book of technical excellence. That she proved once again against Elizabeta SAMARA.

“I was always in the lead but in the closing stages SAMARA managed to overcame me in three game. I could of win it much easier. If I had lose this one I will be so mad at myself,” said HAN.