PIKA-program at Halmstad University- Professional Sports Career and Working Life

A unique opportunity for EU citizens - Professional Sports Career and Working Life (PIKA) at Halmstad University in the south of Sweden is a bachelor's program in sports science. The program is designed for elite athletes to be able to combine their sporting career at the same time as they study relevant courses for a working life after their career.

“For students to have good opportunities to train, compete or coach alongside their studies, we have chosen to spread three years of study over four years. We create an even more flexible approach by recording all lectures, so that students can choose when they want to listen to a lecture,”said Urban Johnson, Ph.D. Professor, University of Halmstad..

In the program Professional Sports Career and Working Life, students develop knowledge in sports-related areas such as sports psychology, sports biomechanics, and sports physiology. They apply the knowledge to their own sports and in that way give themselves the conditions for a long-term healthy and sustainable career. A lot of this sports-related knowledge can be transferred to other areas of working life, for example from courses that deal with the development of individuals, groups, and organizations. They gain basic knowledge in economics, law, and strategic communication, which they benefit from both in professional sports and in working life.

There are advantageous prerequisities for international students, to study in Sweden at University level, when it comes to the economic situation. How to apply for international students – follow link.

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