2021 ETTU Development Webinar – 4: Innovation and new approach

The latest edition of the online activity in ETTU, 2021 ETTU Development Webinar - 4 broke the record again; 196 participants from 39 National Associations joined the lecture. The event welcomed new participants from new countries and even new Continents.

The webinar’s subject has been Fit Work Table Tennis and the lecturer was from Italy, the founder of Fit Work Table Tennis, Nevena KOSTOVA.

The session has begun with an opening speech, and then KOSTOVA has made her presentation in two separate parts; theoretical and practical part. Then, “Question & Answer” part has taken place at the end.

Nevena KOSTOVA explained:

 “During the first part of the webinar we explored the story, the philosophy and the approach of Fit Work Table Tennis physical preparation. That training is based on fitness and can be adapted to many different subjects. During the second part, we did a practical demonstration proposing an interactive training session that involved some of the participants to try this activity. We perform together 11 exercises just to work on as many aspect as possible and make the training funniest and completed the session after Q & A part. It’s great to see so many nice messages as my feedback and I wish to work harder to contribute to European Table Tennis. I’d like to thank ETTU Executive Board, Neven Cegnar and Samet POLAT for their support, too. ”

ETTU Development Manager CEGNAR stated that it was the unusually valuable, useful and innovative presentation.

“We have seen a project whose content provides many opportunities in the application of basic - special physical preparation of young table tennis players. This is mainly due to the fact that these and similar contents can be easily dosed at different levels of intensity, but also the content of the exercises,” said CEGNAR who thanked regular collaborator Samet POLAT for his contribution to the implementation of the webinar.