Champions League Women

Antonina KHASANBAEVA: We have to adapt to current conditions

Starting from the end of May Russia's regional Ministry of Sport allowed top athletes to start practicing (in accordance with public health and social measures for COVID-19). Therefore, the best players including members of TTC Kazan had an opportunity to practice in sport center. They maintained their shape by working out in the open air as well. From July 8 Russian Ministry of Sport issued an Order, in which it recommended​ to resume All-Russian and interregional sport competitions in the regions (following all the public health and social measures for COVID-19 as well).


"From August we completely renewed all the trainings including younger groups. We started last month with organizing the training camp for the main players of our region and members of TTC Kazan on the seaside for two weeks in Anapa. Moreover, we are planning to arrange another training camp in September in order to prepare for the 2020-Russian Cup which is going to take place in Sochi," announced TTC Kazan Manager Natalia ARGAKOVA.


In addition to the 2020-Russian Cup, in the upcoming season TTC Kazan are planning to take part in Continental Championship of The Table Tennis Federation of Russia and The European Champions League.


"Unfortunately, our foreign player SUN Chen of China couldn’t participate at the end of the season 2019/2020 due to the fact that the boarders between two countries were closed but we hope that she will join us this season after both governments relax restrictions on travel. Meanwhile, she is practicing in China."


In the first round of the Women's Champions League, Russia's club will meet Austria's TTC "CarinthiaWinds" Villach.


"We are honored to take part in The European Champions League and now preparing for the home game which is planned to take place in Kazan on October 10th, 2020. We hope that both sides will be able to go abroad to participate in competition. Thus, we do our best to keep players in shape. At the same time, we keep all the social measures for COVID-19. First of all, only players, coaches and working stuff can enter the sport center. Secondly, every person is required to wear the mask and disinfect their hands before entering. Thirdly, every person is taken temperature right at the entrance."


No.1 player of TTC Kazan Antonina KHASANBAEVA (Savelyeva), said: “In these challenging circumstances I believe that our task as athletes is to quickly adapt to current conditions and reach high-quality level of training, building on the past experience of overcoming difficulties. It is particularly important to take care of yourself same as to support each other in this tough time.”



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