Champions League Women | 21 Apr 2024

KTS Enea Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg Aims for Third Consecutive Champions League Title

KTS Enea Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg, the reigning Champions League Women's champions, are geared up and motivated as they travel to France to face Etival ASRTT in the opening leg of the final on Tuesday. With two consecutive titles under their belt, they are eyeing a historic third in a row.

Their journey to the final has been impressive, overcoming strong opponents along the way. They defeated Austria’s Linz AG Froschberg in the semi-finals, Italian ASD Quattro Mori in the quarters, and topped their group by defeating TT Joué les Tours and TTC Novi Sad.

However, their path to the final has not been without challenges. They faced a tough blow before the quarters when HAN Ying had to take a break due to surgery. Meanwhile, Elizabeta SAMARA and FU Yu competed in the ITTF World Cup Macao 2024 last week, and Xiaoxin YANG is gearing up for Olympic qualifications.

Coach Zbigniew NĘCEK expressed his feelings ahead of the final, saying, "We are thrilled to be in the final, especially after HAN Ying's injury. We believe in our chances, but due to our players' demanding schedules, including preparations for the Olympics and WTT tournaments, our preparation has been compromised. Eliza SAMARA and FU Yu will be fatigued. While our opponents have fewer such players, we're up for the challenge. We are highly motivated, aiming to win for HAN Ying. We know our opponents well and anticipate a tough match in France, especially with a packed arena of spectators."

Despite the challenges, KTS Enea Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg remains at the top of the national standings with just two matches left before the playoffs.