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Europe Youth Top-10 - 11 Oct 2020

Prithika PAVADE reach the gold with perfect record


European Youth Top 10


On her way to the gold medal in the Junior Girls Singles Event at the European Youth Top 10 in Berlin, Prithika PAVADE won all eight matches. In the last round, French player overcame main adversary for the highest step of the medal rostrum Elena ZAHARIA of Romania. That meant that ZAHARIA finished third, whilst Darya KISEL of Belarus won silver medal.


It also means that gold went to the winner of the Cadets event at the Top 10 2018, cadet’s events winner from 2019 ZAHARIA is third and cadet’s event winner from 2017 Sophia KLEE of Germany is fourth.


The best illustration how impressive run PAVADE had, was the final score board - she lost only three games in eight matches.


“It was not easy as it looks. I was well prepared for each match and I fought hard,” explained PAVADE.


Which match was the hardest for you?


“The last one. It was deciding match for victory at the tournament. ZAHARIA is in very good shape and it was hard to beat her. Also, we all came here after the long break and we did not know what to expect. We did not play at the tournaments for months,” said PAVADE.


What was the best moment?


“Possibility to play at the tournaments after very long break. When I learned there will be Top 10 and that I am invited, I was so happy!”


You already had experience of being winner here in cadets.


“It did not make the competition less harder. I was nervous and after so long time I did not what to expect, how I and the others will play.”


Darya KISEL lost to PAVADE and to Linda ZADEROVA of Czech Republic, but she beat ZAHARIA and secured second position.





Junior Girls

Overall standings


Prithika PAVADE (France) 8/0

Darya KISEL (Belarus) 6/2

Elena ZAHARIA (Romania) 6/2

Sophia KLEE (Germany) 5/3

Anastasia BONDAREVA (Germany) 4/4

Isa COK (France) 2/6

Helga DARI (Hungary) 2/6

Linda ZADEROVA Czech Republic) 2/6

Reka BEZEG (Serbia) 1/7


Round 9

Prithika PAVADE - Elena ZAHARIA 3:1 (11:5, 11:7, 7:11, 11:8)

Darya KISEL - Anastasia BONDAREVA 3:2 (9:11, 11:5, 2:11, 11:9, 11:9)

Sophia KLEE - Isa COK 3:0 (11:7, 11:7, 11:2)

Linda ZADEROVA - Reka BEZEG 3:0 (11:7, 11:8, 11:7)


Round 8

Elena ZAHARIA - Sophia KLEE 3:1 (11:7, 11:5, 9:11, 13:11)

Isa COK - Darya KISEL 2:3 (12:10, 11:9, 5:11, 9:11, 6:11)

Anastasia BONDAREVA - Linda ZADEROVA 3:2 (11:13, 9:11, 11:6, 12:10, 11:4)

Reka BEZEG - Helga DARI 2:3 (8:11, 11:5, 9:11, 11:7, 7:11)


Round 7

Sophia KLEE - Prithika PAVADE 1:3 (2:11, 11:1, 6:11, 6:11)

Darya KISEL - Elena ZAHARIA 3:1 (15:13, 11:13, 11:9, 11:9, 12:10)

Linda ZADEROVA - Isa COK 1:3 (12:10, 4:11, 11:13, 8:11)

Helga DARI - Anastasia BONDAREVA 0:3 (4:11, 7:11, 5:11)

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