Europe Youth Top-10 | 21 Feb 2024

2025 Europe Youth Top 10 returns to French town of Tours

The ETTU Executive Board has awarded the 2025 Europe Youth Top 10 to French town of Tours. The tournament will be held next year between 3rd and 5th October.

“FFTT and the local 4S TOURS club are hosting Europe Youth Top 10 for the 3rd time in the last 4 years and so becoming an experienced and reliable organizer of such an important ETTU traditional event. I wish to congratule the local organizer committee for winning the bid, hoping Tours will creat unforgetable memories to our european young talents qualified to play this prestigious ETTU competition,” said ETTU Acting President Pedro MOURA.

For Tours it will be the fifth time in history to organise this tournament. The Events and Organizations Commission chair Bruno SIMON explained the motives behind the desire to organise such event. 

“A club created in Tours in 1954, it has always aimed to train young talents towards the highest level. This vision entails consistent effort and the regular organization of national and international competitions. The European Youth Top 10 exemplifies this commitment and reflects our aspirations. In 2000, we hosted the Top 12 European Cadets and Juniors, an event that remains a cherished memory, drawing a large audience. In 2014, 2021, and 2022, we were selected to host the European Youth Top 10, and organizing it again in 2025 is seen as a chance, a recognition, and an opportunity. Undertaking five organizations in 25 years is a significant challenge. I hope to approach it with the same energy as in 2000 to prepare and host this competition. My passion remains unchanged, and my determination unwavering. 4S Tours will become the French club that has organized this tournament the most. Vichy, Le Creusot, and Tours are the three cities that have hosted this youth competition so far. We are currently gearing up for it. This event should be accompanied by opportunities for exchange and networking to create a festive atmosphere around the European Youth Top 10 in 2025. It is with pleasure that 4S TOURS and the Cente Val de Loire League invite you to join us on October 3, 4, and 5, 2025, at the Palais des Sports in Tours, “ said Bruno Simon.