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Other Events - 17 Oct 2020

Bruna TAKAHASHI and the Enzo ANGLES clinched the titles in Spain

In their respective Women’s and Man’s Singles Event, Brazilian Bruna TAKAHASHI and the French Enzo ANGLES have won the titles in the first edition of the Spanish Masters 2020, which was held on October 13-15 at the hotel RIU Plaza España in Madrid.


TAKAHASHI showed she had a better nerves in the end. She nullified the great efforts of Charlotte CAREY, who leveled the score, despite being 0-3 in reverse. Finally, Bruna TAKAHASHI won 11-7 in the decisive game to clinch the title.


The Spanish Sofía-Xuan ZHANG and Galia DVORAK managed to reach the semifinals of the tournament, losing to Bruna TAKAHASHI (4-2) and Charlotte CAREY (4-3), respectively. ZHANG had the lead at 2-1, but the Brazilian stayed firm on her way and took the final three sets to reach the final. DVORAK had a chance to reach the final, but the Welshwoman with 9-9 in the sixth game, tied the match, taking it to the final game, and won 11-6.


Belgium’s NUYTICNK was a favorite to win the title. However, Enzo ANGLES beat the odds and won against NUYTINCK 4-0.


Spain’s Endika DIEZ and Miguel Ángel VILCHEZ reached the semifinals, demonstrating the good side of Spanish table tennis. The Irundarra faced NUYTINCK (0-4) and the Granada player played the final phase against Enzo ANGLES (1-4).


The second edition of the Spanish Masters 2020 will take place on November 24-26 at the Plaza España hotel, and will include a spectacular line up of players. In December (8-10) the third of tournament will be played.



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