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Development - 24 May 2020

POLAT: Europe is not an ordinary Continent, it is a family


International Relations committee chair in Turkey TF and member of the ETTU Youth Committee Samet POLAT successfully created, launched, conducted and finished the develompment program ETTU Web camp 2020. Under guidence of ETTU Development Manager Neven CEGNAR, the project gathered top European coaches and players in order to help young players to improve and work during the Pandemic isolation. It attracted 57 players from 19 National Associations and 30 coaches.


“This project has proved once more that Europe is not an ordinary Continent, it is a family! All members of National Associatians, all players, all kids are a part of this family. We had great sessions and great guests as Zoran PRIMORAC, Eliza SAMARA, Tamara BOROS, Özge YILMAZ, Ece HARAÇ, Tin Tin HO and Marie MIGOT and the project is not over, yet” annonced POLAT.





“ ETTU will be able to collect data and plan future activites with it. Furthermore, our participants will receive a certificate to award their attendance to the training sessions,” added POLAT. “ Our project team has made a wonderful work, an incredible effort, with strong table tennis love and dedicated souls and with all their bests. It’s also great feeling to see our future-talents feel excited, ready to exercise and happy in these tough days. So, I thank each participant of our Web-Camp and and happy to see that our main goals are achieved. One last note, It’s always a privilege to work with Neven CEGNAR, it’s an incredible experience to work coordinately with him.






“I express my full gratitude to all our national associations, all the young players who participated in the Project and especially to our hard-working fellow coaches for their diligent and dedicated work. They made a great contribution to the success of this common Project. Special thanks to our friend and colleague, Samet POLAT who designed and coordinated this Project. This Project has shown and proved that even in such specific situations, we can achieve great results.

I am sure that the overall experience from this Project will be a good base for some new ideas, which I already have in my plans for the future.





“I’m honoured to be a part of this project. It was pleasing for me to see that project leader is from Turkey. I’d like to thank ETTU Development Manager Neven CEGNAR, my colleagues Afonso VILELA, Lara BROICH, Marcus GUSTAFSON, Omer GENDLERAND, Sergio VIERA and the players. The organization was very fruitful for not only players, but also for the coaches, so proud to be with the project team!






“It was my pleasure to be part of the new project system of the ETTU. I think, it was a good experience for coaches and players. It is a special time, new for all of us and it was a great idea to show them, that they are not alone and you can do also a benefit in difficult times. Samet Polat and Neven Cegnar did a good job!”





"I'm very happy for the opportunity to support this fine project by the Turkish TTA and ETTU during these challenging times. It was a good action to activate some of our best young players in Europe together, and a rare opportunity to bring them and also us coaches closer together, which for sure we all will benefit from for the future".






“By the situation we face at the moment that we have to accept and respect it, new challenges and adaptations are required. The content of the coaches was extremely important. As a coach I learned a lot from all the members of the coaching team so I can imagine, in 2 weeks, what kids have learned...i hope they took this opportunity for each one for them's growth because EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, even when you have to "stay at home." Besides these hard times, focus must go on. Very challenging experience for me, thanks to my Association on giving me this opportunity and to all players, coaches, CEGNAR and Samet.”






“I had great time working with the European young players. They were very cooperative and highly motivated. This webcamp was a good example of how European coaches and players can work together. This is the way for our continent to become better and stronger. I hope everyone got the message: even in limited conditions you can still improve.”




Sergio VIERA


“It was an excellent and original iniciative. I believe that it wasn't easy to make this webcamp happen and for this reason I congratulate everyone, specially Samet and Neven.

I would like to add that one of the most important things that improved these sessions were the tips given by Neven, allowing the sessions to get better day by day. I believe that all the coaches learned and took something new from this experience.”




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