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2vs2-Cup -heat up for Semis in Bundesliga

Saarbrücken will organize the 2vs2-Cup today at 11 am and you can follow it live on and you can follow it here .


The players on duty will be Saarbrücken’s top guns SHANG Kun, Patrick FRANZISKA and Darko JORGIC, while on the playing list is also Cedric NUYTINCK who played for Saarbrücken some years ago before he moved to French club HENNEBONT.


“This „match“ is a preparation for our semifinal match in German Bundesliga. We want to test the new rules and let the players play a competition before we play the semifinals on next Wednesday against Werder Bremen,” explained Marketing Manager Nicolas BARROIS.



Shang Kun - Nuytinck

Franziska - Jorgic

Shang Kun - Jorgic

Franziska - Nuytinck


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