Champions League Men | 31 Mar 2024

1. FC Saarbrücken TT Eagerly Awaits Champions League Men's Final 4 Kickoff

The inaugural Champions League Men's Final 4 kicks off today with the first semifinal match between Borussia Düsseldorf and SolexConsult TT Wiener Neustadt at 13:00 CET, followed by the second match between 1. FC Saarbrücken TT and TTC Neu Ulm at 17:00 CET. The final is scheduled for April 1st.

On their path to the Final 4, the reigning champions triumphed over Czechia’s SKST Tesla Batteries Havirov and France's AS Pontoise Cergy. This season in the Champions League, the club from Saarland remains undefeated, with Patrick FRANZISKA and Darko JORGIC yet to lose an individual match.

"I'm feeling pretty good. My body is healthy and fresh. I can't say it's entirely normal after so many tournaments, but right now, I feel quite good. I'm very much looking forward to the start of the Final 4," said FRANZISKA.

Franziska competed at the WTT Champions Incheon before returning to Saarbrücken.

"I'm eagerly anticipating the start of the Final 4. It's a unique tournament and a very special one, especially as we are the hosts of the first edition. Additionally, we are defending our title, so there are many reasons why this event is significant for us. We aim to showcase our capabilities to everyone in our hometown. I believe we will receive great support, and hopefully, it will be an amazing event," FRANZISKA promised.