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Europe Top-16 Cup - 10 Jan 2019

Ovidiu IONESCU: Everything is possible

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CCB Europe Top 16 Cup in Montreux


Romania’s Ovidiu IONESCU’s fantastic 2018 has been crowned with his first ever CCB Europe Top 16 Cup in Montreux (on 2nd and 3rd February). European vice champion is seeded at the position no. 14 at the forthcomming tournament.


Down to earth personality, always polite IONESCU, addmited he is excite and he is pleased that he has an opportunity to be part of the European elite competition.


“I am very glad to be part of it. This was my personal goal last year and I am looking forward to play against best players in the Europe at this moment,” said OVIDIU.


Do you feel the pressure or pleasure?


“I am sure I will feel more a mix of both. Hopefully towards the start of the tournament I will feel more pleasure than being under pressure.”


All the participants are well known to Romania’s player. Giant like Vladimir SAMSONOV of Belarus, Swede Kristian KARLSSON and Frenchman Emmanuel LEBESSON already suffered by his hands at the European Championships last summer in Spanish Alicante. Only Timo BOLL halted his progress to the title in the final.


“After my success at the European Championships I do believe everything is possible. Everybody at the list of participants deserves to be there and have a chance to win the tournament. I have played all of the players, everybody will be 100%" ready, is difficult to predict who will win.


Are you in good shape now?


“After Continental Championships I have struggled a bit, it was a big achievement and I had to learn how to put my life under the control again. I took a longer holiday after the last match in the League and I am practicing at high capacity again.”


You caused major upset by reaching the final. Almost 6 months latter how you feel about the achieved succes?


“It was like a dream come true. I need a few weeks after to realize what I have achieved. I am very proud of myself and it gives me a lot of power and confidence for the future.”


How you were welcomed in Romania after Spain, did your success change something?


“It was quite big for România. A lot of media’s focus was on me. I was invited to TV shows, and hopefully this will help our sport to attract more people.”


There is a chance you will meet BOLL again, will it be something special now when you played against each other in Spain?


“I have learned to control my feelings and it will be just another match. We played a few times, I have big respect for him, I know is very difficult to defeat him but I believe in my strengths.”


What is your major goal for 2019?


“This year we have many big events. I hope for a medal in doubles at World Championships and a medal at European Games in Minsk this summer,” stated Ovidiu IONESCU.


In men’s singles will play: Timo BOLL (Germany), Dimitrij OVTCHAROV (Germany), Mattias FALCK (Sweden), Liam PITCHFORD (England), Vladimir SAMSONOV (Belarus), Jonathan GROTH (Denmark), Simon GAUZY (France), Kristian KARLSSON (Sweden), Marcos FREITAS (Portugal), Emmanuel LEBESSON (France), Daniel HABESOHN (Austria), Tiago APOLONIA (Portugal), KOU Lei (Ukraine), Oividiu IONESCU (Romania), Panagiotis GIONIS (Greece), Lionel WEBER (Switzerland).


Women’s Event: Sofia POLCANOVA (Austria), Bernadette SZOCS (Romania), Elizabeta SAMARA (Romania), LI Jie (Netherlands), Petrissa SOLJA (Germany), Matilda EKHOLM (Sweden), LI Qian (Poland), Georgina POTA (Hungary), Britt EERLAND (Netherlands), Polina MIKHAILOVA (Russia), NI Xia Lian (Luxembourg), Nina MITTELHAM (Germany), Natalia PARTYKA (Poland), Hana MATELOVA ( Czech Republic), Barbora BALAZOVA (Slovakia), Rachel MORET (Switzerland).


Tickets are available here.




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