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19 th Linz Austria Raiffeisen Youth Championships 2019

19th– 22nd April 2019


The 19 th Linz Austria RAIFFEISEN Youth Championships 2019 and 3rd International JOINT Training Camp before the tournament will be held from 14th until 22nd April in Linz.


Events: Mini Cadet Boys and Mini Cadet Girls Team (born 2008 and younger), Younger Cadet Boys and Younger Cadet Girls Team (born 2006 and younger), Cadet Boys Team and Cadet Girls Team (born 2004 and younger) and Junior Boys and Junior Girls Team (born 2001 and younger). In same age categories players will play in singles events.


Application/contact:    http://www.froschberg.at

Franz OBERMAYER youth.championships@froschberg.at

Tel.: +43(0)664-4985512

Fax: +43(0) 732-251952

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