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Europe Top-16 Cup - 18 Oct 2018

Big guns on duty in Paris

Photo: ITTF

Men’s LIEBHERR World Cup


The second ITTF’s most prestigious table tennis event of the year after the World Championships, Men’s LIEBHERR World Cup commences tomorrow in Paris. It is the third time, after Liege and Belgium, that France hosts the Event.


The 20 players taking part in the LIBHERR 2018 Men’s World Cup qualified through their Continental Cups, apart from wildcard awarded to Emmanuel LEBESSON (FRA) and Host Nation Representative (FRA).


In the first stage of the event in Group A will play Hugo CALDERANO, of Brazil, Vladimir SAMSONOV of Belarus and Emmanuel LEBESSON. In Group B are Simon GAUZY, Quadri ARUNA og Nigeria, JHA Kanak of USA. In Group C are JEONG Sangeun of Korea, Gustavo TSUBOI of Brzil and Gionis PANAGIOTIS of Greece. In Geoup D are Jonathan GROTH of Denmark, Mattias FALCK of Sweden and HU Heming of Australia.


Top 8 players are: FAN Zhedong of China, Timo BOLL of Germany, Dimitrij OVTCHAROV of Germany, LIN Gaoyuan of China, LEE Sangsu of Korea, Tomokayu HARIMOTO of Japan, WONG Chun Ting of Hong Kong and Koki NIWA of Japan. They will join the top two players from each group in second phase.


Prize Money

Winner: US$ 60,000

Runner-up:US $40,000

3rd place:US$ 20,000

4th place:US$ 14,000

5th –8th place:US$ 10,000

9th - 16th place:US$ 7,000

17th –20th place:US$ 5,000

Total: US$ 250,000

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