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Champions League Women - 26 Oct 2018

Gergely SOMLYO: “It is an honor to play again in the ECLW”

Photo: Budaörsi Sport Club FB

President of the Budaörsi Sport Club speaks before the clash against Metz TT this Saturday, October 27th


Former ECLW runner-up Budaörsi Sport Club hosts actual ETTU Cup Women winner Metz TT this Saturday, Oct 27th, in the ECLW Round 3. President of Hungarian club Gergely SOMLYO is looking forward seeing this game on home soil:


“On Saturday, against the Metz TT our goal is to play a good, tight match, in which victory can be included. October 27 is a feast for the Budaörsi Sport Club, since the Champions Leagues match is the closing of an all-day sports event where all seven sections of our Club will be presented and offers sporting opportunities for everyone."


Gergely SOMLYO explained why playing in ECLW is so important for his club:


"Since 2003, our Team has been continually participating in the international cups organized by the ETTU. In 2017, we got recognition from the ETTU for our 15 entries without interruption. Playing in the international cup is very important to us, as we represent the City of Budaörs that supports us, especially the two that makes up our name, SH-ITB Kft. and 2i Kft. There is a double feeling in us, that in the season 2018/2019 we are participating as the only Hungarian team, it is positive that the club can take over the extra costs, but also a negative feeling, as in 2003 with us together eight Hungarian teams participated”.


Budaorsi has recorded its best ever ECLW result five years ago. SOMLYO speaks about those days and explains why international presence is very important for his club:


It is an honor to play again in the Champions League, the biggest success of our association, founded in 1924, is the Champions League finals of the year 2013. The current Champions League is significantly stronger, than the previous ones, although this can be said for our group as well, because our opponents are the current Champions League and the ETTU Cup winner teams. Our team has only Hungarian players, two of them, Mária FAZEKAS and Petra LOVAS are European Champions, the bronze medal winner on the 2016 Budapest European Championship Szandra PERGEL and the title defender of the Hungarian „TOP12” Mercédesz NAGYVARADI. It is very important for our Club their international presence, because it is an excellent preparation opportunity for the 2019 World Championship in Budapest.”

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