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Champions League Women - 9 May 2018

Seamaster ECLW in numbers: Who will take it 1st time?

Photo: Courtesy Dr. CASL

The 2017/18 TTCLM final Dr. Casl – Bursa (13-18 May)


The 2017/18 Seamaster ECLW final between Croatia`s Dr. Casl (no. 3 seed) and actual ETTU Cup Women winner Bursa Buyuksehir Belediyespor will take place on May 13th in Turkey and May 18th in Croatia. Both sides will make their debut in the finals, hence one of them will go down in history… Some other TTCLM final figures you can see here:


54th final, since the founding of Europe Club of Champions (1960)

25 titles, Statisztika Budapest (HUN) record holder (last one in 2001)

12th final, just in ECLW era

7 wins (0 defeats), Dr. Casl`s ZHOU Xintong score, the best one in 2017/18 TTCLM

7 wins (1 defeat), actual ECLW season`s record of both teams

5 Top 30 ITTF WR players: DOO Hoi Kem no. 11, Elizabeta SAMARA no, 18, LEE Ho Ching no. 19, LI Jie no. 25, YU Fu no. 30

4 medal holders from ITTF European Championships: HU Melek (2016 gold, 2010 bronze), Elizabeta SAMARA (2015 gold, 2016 bronze), LI Jie (2015 silver, 2016 bronze), YU Fu (2016 silver, 2013 and 2015 bronze)

2 ECLW titles has LI Jie with Dutch club Heerlen (2008, 2010)

2nd Croatian club in final, Dr. Casl, after Mladost Zagreb (1983 runner-up)

2nd Turkish club in final, Bursa, after Fenerbahce (2015 winner)

1st time both teams, Dr. Casl and Bursa play ECLW final

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