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ETTU Cup Men - 10 Jan 2018

KREANGA: Batteries are reloaded again

Photo: Elsbeth Parmentier

Men's ETTU Cup


In the battle for the quarterfinal of the Men’s ETTU Cup Enjoy & Deploy Taverzo will meet Istres Tennis de Table on Friday. First leg will be played in France.


“Enjoy & Deploy Taverzo does look forward to the fourth round in the ETTU Cup against Istres TT. We know we are not the favorites for this encounter, but so far we won all our matches in the previous rounds with also strong opponents like Sokah Hoboken, Drumchapel Glasgow and Fortune Kiev. With Kalinikos KREANGA we do have a player that can win against a lot of the opponents in the ETTU Cup and Dorian NICOLLE and Jakub FOLWARSKI will not be easy to beat,” explained Ruud van GRAAFEILAND.


Greek star Kalinkos KREANGA said: “ I think it’s important to have a good score in France against Istres. That will give us an advantage for the second game at home in Zoetermeer. This means that we will have to fight to have a close game away to have a score that we will be able to recover at home or to defend a score that will be enough for qualifying for the next round."


Enjoy & Deploy Taverzo knows most of the players of Istres very well, but they have never played against each other in club’s competition. French player in the team Dorian NICOLLE is of the same age of Benjamin Brossier.


"I know Brossier from very young and I think I beat him last time, but this was long time ago in 2014/2015. I do not have to good memories of playing against Paul GAUZY, because he beat me last year during the French Championships. Konstantinos PAPAGEORGIOU I played against more often in Pro B. I win some, but I am pretty sure he won more of our matches. Any way I really proud I can play ETTU Cup and this when the club gave me this opportunity I said yes right away. It is really good team spirit all together and sometimes it still feels like a dream to be in the same team as my hero KREANGA," said NICOLLE.


KREANGA is in the optimistic mode.


“ All our players needed some rest at the end of last year and all batteries are reloaded again, as Dorian said we are a real team. If we manage to stay close, maybe be the stress factor will hit the favorits. And off course we look forward to all the people that travel with us to France, this really gives something extra to the players.”

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