Europe Cup Men | 24 Apr 2024

Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki Faces KS Dekorglass Dzialdowo in Europe Cup Final

Photo: K.S. Dekorglass Dzialdowo


In the final of the Europe Cup Men, Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki will host KS Dekorglass Dzialdowo in the opening match of the final.

The host team will be led by Pawel FERTIKOWSKI, who replaced coach REDZIMSKI after he became the coach of the Polish national team in January.

“The team from Dzialdowo is very strong and also holds a special place in my heart because I used to play there, and together we won the ETTU Cup. I believe they have excellent players, and the details will decide who will be more effective,” said coach FERTIKOWSKI. “All the players of Bogoria are in optimal shape, and the outcome of the match will be seen during the game. We are preparing as best as we can, refining different combinations and variants. We will be ready for a great game.”

It has been a long and challenging season, especially for the national team’s players.

“This season has been incredibly tough for everyone, particularly for players like Miłosz REDZIMSKI and Panagiotis GIONIS, who are competing for the Olympic Games. We must use every ounce of strength and determination to cope. I deeply appreciate the perseverance of the entire team.”

Coach FERTIKOWSKI remembered the 2013 season when Bogoria played in the final.

“I still recall Bogoria's amazing ETTU Cup Final, where I had the pleasure to play, and we came close to defeating a strong team from Russia. It was a beautiful event, filled with incredible emotions, but focus is crucial at the table. Maintaining calm and focus amid such emotions can lead to a better game.”

The Polish League showcases its strength, with both finalists hailing from Poland.

“The main difference, in my opinion, is that in ETTU, when the score is tied at 2:2, we play singles, whereas in the Polish League, we have doubles. For us, this matters because we have a defender. It's fantastic that two Polish teams will compete in the European competition, highlighting the high level of our Polish teams,” coach FERTIKOWSKI stated.

Marek BADOWSKI added, “We are familiar with the team from Dzialdowo. We have competed against each other for many years in key competitions. They have skilled players who can be extremely dangerous when in good form. I am personally in good shape and have been preparing for the Super League playoffs and the European Cup final for several weeks. I've had fewer matches recently, so I'm focused on training. It's great that we have a few days to prepare and practice together as a team.”

Badowski admitted, “For me, the schedule isn't as tight since I don't compete internationally. If I had to juggle WTT, ETTU, and Super League competitions, it would be overwhelming. Players must adapt daily to different tables, balls, and conditions, sometimes even time zones. It seems excessive, and I often wonder if it's sustainable physically for the players. This is my first European Cup final, and I'm eager to compete for the title with my Bogoria team, where we've been preparing physically, tactically, and mentally for this match. Both teams will be fully prepared, and it promises to be a fantastic show.”

Miłosz REDZIMSKI announced, “We are familiar with our opponents, and we always engage in fierce battles. That's what we expect this Thursday. We are all in good shape and hope for a meeting that ends in victory.”