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ETTU Cup Men - 16 Dec 2018

TTC Sokah Hoboken booked quarterfinal after fierce battle

Men’s ETTU Cup


In the remaining matches of the fourth round of the Men’s ETTU Cup all three favorites prevailed and booked their place in the quarterfinal. Chartres ASTT, Fortune Kyiv and TTC Sokah Hoboken recorded victories on the home soil in return leg to justified previous successes.


Chartres ASTT beat Leka Enea Tenis de Mesa in straight matches. Vitor ISHIY, Romain LORENTZ and Vincent PICARD overcame Daniel KOSIBA, Hampus SODERLUND and Endika DIEZ.


In Ukraine Fortune Kyiv prevailed against DeBoer Taverzo. Grigori VLASOV, Yevgeny PRYSHCHEPA and Yaroslav ZHMUDENKO beat Jakub FOLWARSKI, Padasak TANVIRIYAVECHAKUL and David MCBEATH in straight matches.


Only TTC Sokah Hoboken was forced to go full distance against Logis Auderghem TT tonight. Jeremy PETIOT beat Jasper MERCKX, but lost against Ludovic BIERNY. Ludovic also prevailed against Laurens DEVOS. Olav KOSOLOSKY beat Alex Van DONGEN and in the decisive match DEVOS overcame Jasper MERCKX.

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