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Development - 25 Oct 2017

Silver and bronze for Europe at the 2017 ITTF World Cadet Challenge

Europe’s youngsters clinched two medals at the 2017 ITTF World Cadet Challenge in Suva, Fiji. Boys reached the second position, whilst girls won bronze.


Europe’s boys Csaba ANDRAS of Hungary, Martin FRIIS of Sweden, Olav KOSOLOSKY of Belgium and Russia’s Maxim GREBNEV were halted at the very last hurdle. They lost in the final against Asia composed by FENG Yi-Hsin of Taipei, Kazuki HAMADA of Japan, NIU Guankai of China and PARK Gyeongtae of Korea.


In previous round Europe overcame Latin America.


The team of Europe composed by Ruissia’s Elizabet ABRAAMIAN, Italy’s Jamila LAURENTI and Romania’s Elena ZAHARIA clinched bronze medal in the Cadet Girls Event. In the Team’s match for bronze they overcame Latin America with Valentina RIOS and Livia LIMA, in straight matches. Previously they suffered defeat by the hands of Asian representatives in four matches. It was only LAURENTI who scored. She bat Yumeno SOMA. In the Europe’s team was also Natalia BRINZA of Moldova.


Asia beat North America to clinch the title.


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