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Champions League Men - 3 Oct 2017

Boris ABRAHAM: We made an incredible match in Dusseldorf!

Photo: Courtesy Bruno PERREL / / Hennebont

TTCLM Interview: Hennebont`s coach explains how his side managed to beat Borussia Dusseldorf (3:2), playing Round 1 game away


How did you see Hennebont`s game in Dusseldorf?

“We made an incredible match on Friday! We know how it's difficult to beat Dusseldorf when Timo BOLL plays his best! We knew that we had a small chance to win but for it, it was necessary to make one without fault on the other players. We knew how to seize the opportunities with a little of success, but you need a little of luck to win Düsseldorf!”


What was the crucial to beat such good team as ten times TTCLM champion and actual no. 2 seed?

"It was necessary to play without complex, without pressure, ready to fight! From the victory of PITCHFORD, we said to ourselves that there was way to make a result. That confirmed with returned him of situation of Cedric NUYTINCK to Kristian KARLSSON. The last match after it is of 50/50, thus we played the blow completely."


What do you expect from the trip (October 13th, Round 2) to Roskilde?

“We want to keep our momentum and we have to confirm to Roskilde by gaining the match, to stay at the head of the group.”


What is the Hennebont`s goal for 2017/18 season?

“The goal stays to reach quarter-final, even after the victory of Friday, because the road is still long.”


How do you evaluate 2017/18 TTCLM in total (competition, rivals, quality of players...)?

“TTCLM stays a prestigious competition in Europe. The level is more homogeneous than the season crossed with nevertheless a team which is above, which is Orenburg. The new rules, in particular the ball boys are a good thing for the evolution and the modernization of our sport.

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