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ETTU Cup Men - 29 Mar 2017

Vaillante Sports Angers prepares for the second leg

Men’s ETTU Cup


In the opening leg of the Men’s ETTU Cup, Vaillante Sports Angers TT beat SPG Walter Wels, in Austria 3:1. Emmanuel LEBESSON, Jon PERSSON and Jens LUNDQUIST prevailed against WANG Jianjun, Mihai BOBOCICA and Zsolt PETÖ in the match that produced few upsets.


“The first match was very important. It was the key to our success. Jon PERSSON beat the no. one player in the Wels’ club, WANG Jianjun. We know him very well because he played for Pontoise for many seasons and beat many players of my club during that time. Then, we thought that we could win second match and LEBESSON was on the good track after 2:0 advantage. However, BOBOCICA moved to another level, he improved his game and in the closing stages he had a little bit of luck too. At 1:1 the match was open, but even not fully fit, LUNDQUIST won 3:0. His knee was not completely recovered but he performed well,” said Gérard SARAZIN, Président of the Vaillante Angers.


Emmanuel LEBESSON also moved to another gear to beat WANG Jianjun in the fourth match.


“We have a good set average but the game is not closed. I think that Jianjun will play beter in Angers.”


Currently Vaillante Sports Angers occupies position no. 7 in the French Pro A.


“For sure we are not satisfied with our position, because with this team we expected to finish in the top 4. However, LEBESSON'S season is very strange; after his European title he was so tired and had so many interviews for French TV, newspapers, radio and then he was injured for nearly 3 months...Now everything is all right, but we need to take more points to be safe. The competition in Pro A is so fierce this season and it is not an easy task at all,” concluded Gérard SARAZIN.

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