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Champions League Women - 17 Mar 2017

RENNER: Nothing has been decided yet!

Photo: Pillik

Linz`s president comments first ECLW semi-final leg against reigning champion Berlin


Linz AG Froschberg is still full of optimism in spite of losing the first ECLW semi-final home game against the reigning champion TTC Berlin Eastside 3:2. President of Austrian side Gunther RENNER explains why he believes that his side is capable to reach the 2016/17 final after the returning match (April 7th). But, first of all, he comments the first clash, held last Sunday in Linz:


“It was one of the most dramatic, exciting and, above all, high-class ECLW games of all time that we experienced in the sold-out Sportpark Lissfeld. Spectators permanently cheered for their team and were happy about fantastic rallies. In addition to this, thanks to ORF TV the live coverage, optically adjusted to table tennis, provided excellent pictures (with 5 cameras including slow-motion). Thanks to LAOLA, who took over the signal from ORF, the whole planet could enjoy in this table tennis clash”.


RENNER explains what determined the winner of the first game:


“Our players were very well prepared for the match. Once again, a perfect set-up was achieved. Certainly, the crucial was the fact that the young Sofia POLCANOVA - who had recently been very successful in the international tournaments - was unable to cope with the pressure on her, playing extremely nervous. On the other side, SHAN Xiaona showed high-class table tennis to overcome LIU Ja in the breathtaking game”.


Last year, in the quarter-final stage, Linz also lost first home leg to Metz 3:2. But in an aggregate score they won by super narrow margin – 19:19 in sets, 347:346 in points. RENNER expects one more close encounter:


“The Score of 2:3 or 3:2 does not play a determining role. We have nothing to lose in the rematch. We are expecting a hard fight in do-or-die match in Berlin. Sofia POLCANOVA played below her usual level, thus, if she plays in her normal shape, she would be able to compete against the top players of Berlin. Nothing has been decided yet. Memories of the last year are still fresh, when we lost home game against Metz 2:3, but managed to progress thanks to a single point”.

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