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Champions League Men - 1 May 2017

Final TTCLM showdown: Borussia vs. Orenburg

Photo: Courtesy Fakel Gazproma Orenburg

First final leg will be held next Sunday in Dusseldorf (May 7th, 13:00 CET). Orenburg`s Jun MIZUTANI has 13-0 individual score, Timo BOLL stands on 10-2. Both final games live on


Two top seeds of the 2016/17 Table Tennis Champions League Men, No. 1 Fakel Gazprom Orenburg and No. 2 Borussia Dusseldorf, will meet in the final third time in last six years. First leg will be held in Germany, on May 7th (13:00 CET), while the returning clash is scheduled for May 12th (14:00 CET). Each side got one crown in their mutual duels: German club prevailed in 2010/11, while the most successful Russian team ever got revenge in 2014/15.


Both finalists won nine out of ten games so far. Orenburg finished first in the Group A with 5-1 score (16-4). They suffered unique defeat from Roskilde Bordtennis (3:1 away), when all three their first line-up players were absent. Russian champion eliminated 2015/16 TTCLM runner-up Eslovs Al Bordtennis in the quarter-final stage (twice 3:1), confirming their power in the semi-final against Saarbrucken Tischtennis.


Orenburg`s newcomer, Jun MIZUTANI is the best TTCLM player so far in the ongoing season. Japanese won all his 13 encounters, taking over leading role in that team from German Dimitrij OVTCHAROV.


TTCLM record holder with 10 titles, Borussia was invincible in the Group D, playing two hard games against 2012 runner-up Chartres ASTT. Quarter-final clash with their adversaries from the 2009 final, TTF LIEBHERR Ochsenhausen, showed the high class table tennis: Dubravko SKORIC`s side won 3:2 first home leg, but Borussia responded by 3:1 on its ground. Reigning TTCLM champion Pontoise was beaten twice in the semi-final (3:0, 3:1).


Timo BOLL currently has 10-2 score, but all Borussia`s newcomers had significant contribution in previous 10 matches. Former Pontoise`s Kristian KARLSSON won all his seven matches, Ex-Niederosterreich`s player Stefan FEGERL has 8-3 score, while rising star from Sweden Anton KALLBERG stands on 4-3.




Group A score 5-1 (16-4)

Vaillante Sports Angers TT H 3:0, A 3:0

TTF Liebher Ochsenhausen A 3:1, H 3:0

Roskilde Bordtennis BTK61 H 3:0, A 1:3


Quarter-final 2-0 (6-2)

Eslovs Al Bordtennis A 3:1, H 3:1


Semi-final 2-0 (6-1)

Saarbrucken Tischtennis A 3:1, H 3:0


Individual scores


(6-3) Dimitrij OVTCHAROV

(13-0) Jun MIZUTANI

(8-1) Vladimir SAMSONOV

(0-1) Denis IVONIN

(1-1) Alexey SMIRNOV

(0-1) Fedor KUZMIN




Group D score 6-0 (18-3)

SPG Walter Wels H 3:0, A 3:0

Chartres ASTT A 3:2, H 3:1

KTS Energa-Manekin Torun H 3:0, A 3:0


Quarter-final 1-1 (5-4)

TTF LIEBHER Ochsenhausen A 2:3, H 3:1


Semi-final 2-0 (6-1)

AS Pontoise Cergy A 3:0, H 3:1


Individual scores


(10-2) Timo BOLL

(7-0) Kristian KARLSSON

(8-3) Stefan FEGERL

(4-3) Anton KALLBERG


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