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Development - 25 Mar 2016

Great atmosphere in Otočec

Eurotalents Development Camp


Eurotalents Developments Camp I was held from 13th - 19th of March in Otočec (Slovenia). Out of 23 players nominated from the 2014/2015 Eurotalents selection and 3 players nominated from the Hopes selection, a total of 17 female and male players and 14 of their coaches attended the camp. The overall camp program was managed by the head coach Jože URH (SVN), assistant coach Vesna OJSTERŠEK, fitness coach Mate LELO and ETTU Development Manager , prof Neven CEGNAR.


“We had truly supreme training conditions, and the accommodation, food and not to mention kindness of our hosts - the Slovenian Table Tennis Association. The Sport Hotel in Otočec contributed to the joint conclusion, reached by all of our players and their coaches, that this was the best camp in the Eurotalent series so far. We held 15 training sessions, including three fitness-training sessions, as well as an individual tournament in two sessions” reported CEGNAR.


Trainings were divided every day in three sessions: the morning session from 9:15 to 11:45, the afternoon session from 16:00 to 18:15 and the evening session from 20:00 to 21:30.


“During the camp, two meetings were held with the coaches, during which we jointly analysed future Eurotalents Development activities and heard a very successful practical overview of corrective and compensatory exercises for young players going through puberty and their development period (presented by Mate Lelo). Furthermore, we dedicated a lot of time to individual work with all the players, who were given some main individual pointers for their future work.”


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