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Development - 1 Jun 2016

Chinese methods for European talents

Eurotalents Development Camp Luxembourg,15th – 22nd of May


Another CTTC-E camp in cooperation with the ETTU/ITTF  Eurotalents programme was held in May.


ETTU invited 16 talents and from nine National Asociations: Anastasiia KOLISH, Maksim GREBNEV, Joshua WEATHERBY, Tal ISRAELI, Kornelija RILISKYTE and Emilija, Kas VAN OOST, Maciej KUBIK, Maksymilian MIASTOWSKI, LI Tiago, Elena ZAHARIA, Camelia MITROFAN, Elizabet ABRAMIAN, Rebecca MUSKANTOR, Theo ABRAHAMSSON, Karl HAST. . They were accompanied by their national coaches.


Resulting of the co-operation with CTTA and CTTC 5 young Chinese training partners were available as usual in CTTC-E activities. The national cadet teams from Singapore under the direction of SUN Beibei (World Team Champion 2010 in Moscow) and MA Liang improved the quality of the camp a lot.


Responsible for planning and conducting the camp were LI Xiaodong (CHN), ZHANG Yining (CHN), YAO Yan (CHN), Tamara BOROS (ETTU), Martin OSTERMANN (CTTC-E/LUX) and XIA Cheng (CTTC-E/LUX).


"These activities have a special significance in enhancing understanding, strengthening friendship, learning table tennis and improving the level of play. The intention of the camp was to learn and grasp more advanced ideas, techniques, tactics and training methods. All players had the chance to improve their competitiveness, " explained OSTERMANN.


There were two daily 2,5 - 3 hours sessions of systematic training. The main objectives were to learn the Chinese training methods, to optimize and strengthen the fundamental skills regarding stroke techniques and footwork and to enhance athletic capabilities.


Furthermore Table Tennis theories were provided by daily On-spot lectures and two evening seminars. Questions and answers , communication between players, coaches and the coaching staff was the preferred method.


A tournament for boys and girls was scheduled for Saturday.


The winners of the competition:

Girls:      1. NI Zheqing (CHN), 2. Anastasiia KOLISH  (RUS), 3. Elizabet ABRAMIAN (RUS), 4. Elena ZAHARIA (ROU)

Boys:     1. Koen PANG (SIN), 2. Maksim GREBNEV (RUS), 3. BEH Kun Ting (SIN), 4 Tal ISRAELI (ISR) 


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