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Development - 7 Jul 2016

Physical preparation seminar in Athens

The experts on duty Dr. Miran KONDRIC from Faculty of Sport, Slovenia and Dr. Goran MUNIVRANA from Faculty of Kinesiology, Croatia


Last week, 33 participants attended the seminar co-organised by the European Table tennis Union and Hellenic Table Tennis Association. The experts on duty have been Dr. Miran KONDRIC from Faculty of Sport, Slovenia and Dr. Goran MUNIVRANA from Faculty of Kinesiology, Croatia.



During three days seminar participants have taken theoretical and practical lessons. Theoretical background in physical preparation, fitness testing, monitoring, planning, loads in training and choice of exercises were the key points. Benefits of all those parameters are necessarily for the exact planning of table tennis training.


“Performance in table tennis and also in any sporting event is the result of a number of factors, which include the amount and structure of training performed, the body's predisposition and adaptation to the training, motivation level, facilities, social-cultural background etc. Therefore, physical training only accounts for a portion of any performance, and so the role of any physical coach is also similarly limited” said Dr. KONDRIC.


“Still physical preparation is one of the key roles in table tennis players training. You can have a perfect technique but if you cannot reach the ball, all your work in technical part was a waste of time,” added Dr. MUNIVRANA.


The ETTU and Hellenic Table Tennis Federation signed agreement on coaches’ education and this is a promise to a future collaboration aiming the raise of table tennis coach’s knowledge. Through different tools, such as publications, seminars and workshops, concourses and campaigns they want to support Greek coaches under the motto: “Educate through positive models”. On one side, the ETTU provides financial and professional support. On the other side, the Hellenic TT Federation will support the project by publishing and distributing different booklets, posters, etc., related to the table tennis subjects and making sure that these publications arrive to the table tennis coaches as well.


“Organizing seminars is not enough so the Hellenic TT Federation will stay in contact with experts on duty who will provide additional information and programs to interested coaches and help HTTF publish additional materials”, added Emmanuel KOLIBADIS from Hellenic TT Federation.



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