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Olympic Games - 5 Jul 2016

ITTF to Announce Table Tennis Revolution in Rio

History will be made in Rio, with the ITTF launching a new type of table tennis on 4 August!


The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is inviting you to a historical launch of a new type of Table Tennis.


Full details will be revealed at 12:00 noon at the German National Olympic Committee House on 4 August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


On the impending launch, ITTF's President Thomas WEIKERT stated: "The ITTF is very excited about launching this new form of sport to the world. We have been working very hard on this concept, which we believe will be a fantastic addition to the ITTF family. I can't wait to reveal the details on the 4th."


Full details on the new discipline of table tennis will be revealed on 4 August at the launch, but there will be new equipment, new rules, new attitude and barriers broken! The new form takes table tennis to newdimensionsand rejuvenates the youth in YOU to pick up a racket to play anytime, anywhere!

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