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Olympic Games - 14 Aug 2016

Germany reached penultimate stage

Photo: ITTF

Women's Teams Event at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games


In the semi final of the Women's Teams Event at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games China will meet Singapore, whilst Japan will play against Germany.


HAN Ying was the instrumental in Germany's win over Hong Kong. She won both her singles against LEE Ho Ching and Tie Yana, whilst SHAN Xiaona and Petrissa SOLJA joined her with the victory in doubles.


Top seeded China overcame DPR Korea 3-0 to advance to the Women’s Team Semifinals. LI Xiaoxia overcame RI MI Gyong, LIU Shiven beat KIM SOng I whilst DING Ning and LIU Shiven overcame RI Myong Sun and KIM Song I. All three matches concluded in straight games.


LI Xiaoxia:“I played RI before in the past, and her strokes today were lighter than how she played in our previous encounter, so it took some time for me to adapt in time for it. Initially I was told by Coach Kong Linghui that I will be playing against KIM Song I this morning, but I think there were some mistakes and I ended up playing against RI Mi Gyong instead.”


The thoughts of the final are already behind” “I don’t see it as a failure, and it didn’t affect me much. The only impact is that my old injuries are coming back after playing the Singles. I played five matches in three days, so it was hard on my body. I have two more matches left, so I hope to prepare well for them.”


Olympic champion DING Ning added:“The double match was better and we took it easily. We didn’t get into too much rallies, so it didn’t strain my shoulders too much. I think out of the three of us, I’m the only one who have played KIM Song I. So last night during our team meeting, I shared on my experience playing against her, and some characteristics on her playing style. But of course, I am left handed and Shiwen is right handed, and we play different styles all together, so it all depends on how she adapts on court.”


Singapore, the no.4 seeds, beat Korea Republic, the no.7 seeds 3:2.


FENG Tianwei:“It was an intense and tough match. I played the first and last match, so both are very crucial. It’s good that we didn’t come into the match with too much pressure, and all three of us fought hard for every point.”

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