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European Olympic Singles Qualification - 12 Apr 2016

PRIMORAC aiming the eighth consecutive Olympic Games

2016 ITTF-European Olympic Games Qualification Tournament


The start of the 2016 ITTF-European Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Swedish city of Halmstad proved once again how different is this tournament from all the others. With such big think in stake, like the place at the Olympic Games, Qualifications has the rules of its own. Judging by the results on the field the first rule is: better not to think about it.


One of the first casualties of the day was KOU Lei of Ukraine. Top ranked player in the Group KOU Lei listed at no.46, suffered at the hands of Finland’s Benedk OLAH, named at no.128.


“I was focused from the beginning and I took the best from the fact that KOU made a slight mistake by choosing the tactics. He played on my backhand and that was something that works very well for me today. He could not beat me in that part.”


OLAH spoke about his preparations.


“In last eight months I went through hell. I did everything I could to be ready for the qualifications. I worked every day on service, fitness trainings, tactics… I did not allowed me to rest. There was only one goal on my mind. It started to shows on results and I am riding on the good wave now.”


Slovenia’s Bojan Tokic, presently named at no.59 in the global order, was beaten by the Slovak Republic’s Bai He, named at no.154.


Zoran PRIMORAC beat Udra ALFREDAS on his journey toward possible appearance in an eighth consecutive Olympic Games.


 “For me the big victory is to be here, to play against this guys and most importantly to enjoy the game after all these years. Each match, each victory is the big deal for me. The result is something that comes from that feeling,” said PRIMORAC.


The match against ALFREDAS lasted full seven games.


“I was in really good shape with the form going up on each day before the World Championships. I stared to play good there, but the knee and back injury spoiled my plans. Luckily I find the way to cure the injury, but I lost the rhythm and little bit the confidence. I came in Halmstad nervous knowing that I am not in the desired shape. However I managed to win and that bust my confidence. After victory in such close matches and winning the almost lost duels it makes you stronger.”


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