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Champions League Women - 15 Oct 2015

Saint Quentin real chance

Photo: TT Saint-Quentin FB page

From Friday to Sunday the Round 3 of ECLW will be held, as French club Manager Jean-Louis POLARD emphasizes that he is aware how important is the upcoming clash with Bursa


The ECLW Round 3 is coming this weekend with all four matches, each in one group, giving clearer situation about chances to reach quarter-final stage. How actual season is strong, explains the fact that Berlin Eastside is unique undefeated member of Top 5 seeds (other four are Zamek, STROCK, Fenerbahce and Linz).


TT Saint Quentin staff considers this round as maybe decisive one for their attempt to progress among the best eight clubs. The 11th seed lost its Round 1 match 3:1 in Group A, playing away against top seeded TTC Berlin Eastside. Jean-Louis POLARD, TT Saint-Quentin Vice President and manager, said that his side is aware how important is the arrival of Turkish club Bursa (October 18th, 16:00 CET):


„At the very beginning of the ECLW season, we knew that Berlin Eastside was seeded N°1 and was unbeatable for us. So we have focused on Bursa B.B. as a challenge in Group A to finish second and reach the ECWL quarter-finals”.


Good thing for French team is returning to ECLW field of Daniela MONTEIRO-DODEAN who had convincing European comeback on the recent 2015 LIEBHERR ITTF ECH in Russia. Former STROCK and Castel Goffredo star, who gave a birth to her daughter several months ago, already played some games in Pro A League. All players of Turkish side emerged successfully at Eketarinburg, but they couldn’t prevent Berlin to beat them last weekend.


„Unfortunately the results of the 2015 European Championships have given an incredible power to our opponents”, said POLARD. „HU Melek (European N°6) won the Women’s Double title and Maria DOLGIKH was a member of the Russian team which got the Team bronze medal along with Polina MIKHAILOVA. It was amazing to follow Polina’s competition and her results at home. She beat FU Yu (European N°10), HAN Ying (European N°1) and clinched two bronze medals in Team event and, most extraordinary, in the Single event. So these three Bursa`s players seem to be at their best and Saint-Quentin will have a hard time against them during the home match”.


Two Round 3 encounters will be held tomorrow, Postas Sport Egyesulet – Metz TT (Group C, October 16th, 16:00 CET) and CP Lyssois Lille Metropole – Linz AG Froschberg (Group D October 16th, 19:00 CET). UCAM Cartagena and Szekszard AC are going to meet on Saturday (October 17th, 11:30 CET).


ECLW Round 3 (October 16-18th)


Group A: TT Saint Quentin – Bursa Buyuksehir Belediyespor (October 18th, 16:00 CET)

Group B: UCAM Cartagena – Szekszard AC (October 17th, 11:30 CET)

Group C: Postas Sport Egyesulet – Metz TT (October 16th, 16:00 CET)

Group D: CP Lyssois Lille Metropole – Linz AG Froschberg (October 16th, 19:00 CET)

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