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Other Events - 14 Oct 2015

Most of the champions justified their supremacy

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

The singles events at the 2015 ITTF-European Para Championships in Vejle concluded


The Singles Event at the at the 2015 ITTF-European Para Championships in Vejle, Denmark, concluded today. Nadejda PUSHPASHEVA of Russia, Anna-Carin AHLQUIST of Sweden, Borislava PERIC RANKOVIC of Serbia, Sandra PAOVIC of Croatia, Nelihan KAVAS of Turkey in Women and Robert DAVIES of GBR, Tommy URHAUG of Norway, Viktor DIDUKH of Ukraine and Patryk CHOJNOWSKI of Poland defended their titles clinched two years ago at the European Para Table Tennis Championships in Lignano Sabbiadoro.


In Women's Singles Class 1-2 Nadejda PUSHPASHEVA of Russia clinched gold, Rena CARRON ROONEY of Ireland won silver and Giada ROSSI of Italy and Isabelle LAFAYE of Belgium won silver.


In Class 3 Anna-Carin AHLQUIST of Sweden beat Andela MUZINIC of Croatia in the final. Negriz ALTINTAS of Turkey and Doris MADER of Austria won bronze.

In Class 4-5 Serbia's Borislava PERIC RANKOVIC overcame teammate Nada MATIC in the final. They halted the progress of Caroline Odaia TABIB of Israel and Ingela LUNDBACK of Sweden in semis.

In Class 6 Sandra PAOVIC of Croatia overcame Ukraine's Antonina KHODZYNSKAYA on her way to the gold. In the semis they prevailed against Yuliya KLYMENKO and Maryna LYTOVCHENKO of Ukraine.

In Class 7 Kelly VAN ZON of Netherlands overcame Anne BARNEOUD of France after they beat Kubra OCSOY of Turkey and Ulija SHISHKINA of Russia in the semi final.

In Class 8 Norway's Aida DAHLEN clinched gold. Juliane WOLF of Germany won silver and Thu KAMKASOMPHOU of France and Marleen BENGTSSON ROSENMEIER of Sweden won silver medals.

In Class 9 Nelihan KAVAS of Turkey overcame Karolina PEK of Poland to became champion. They beat in the semis Malgorzata JANOWSKA of Poland and Claire MARIE of France.

In Class 10 Natalia PARTYKA of Poland succeeded against Amanda Sophie WALLOE of Denmark in the final. Umran ERTIS of Turkey and Merve DEMIR also of Turkey reached the third step at the medal rostrum.

In Class 11 Elena PROKOFEVA of Russia overcame Natalya KOSMINA of Ukraine. Dorota NOWACKA of Poland and Maria CHUDINOVA of Russia won bronze.

In Men's Class 1 Robert DAVIES of GBR won the title. In the final he overcame Jean Francois DUCAY of France. They succeeded against Thomas MATTHEWS of GBR and Dmitry LAVROV of Russia in the final.

In Class 2 the winner is Fabien LAMIRAULT of France. Silver medalist is Rafal CZUPER of Poland and bronze medalists are Stephane MOLLIENS of France and Oleksandr YEZYK of Ukraine.

In Class 3 Thomas BRÜCHLE of Germany beat compatriot Thomas SCHMIDBERGER in the final. Florian MERRIEN of France and Jan GUERTLER of Germany lost in the penultimate stage.

In CLass 4 Maxime THOMAS of France clinched gold. Abdullah OZTURK of Turkey won silver and Nesim TURAN of Turkey and Emeric Jean-Francois Albert MARTIN of France won bronze.

In Class 5 Tommy URHAUG of Norway won gold, Valentin BAUS of Germany won silver and Nicolas SAVANT AIRA of France and Mitar PALIKUCA of Serbia clinched bronze.

In Class 6 Alvaro VALERA of Spain won the title. Silver stay in Denmark with Peter ROSENMEIER and Paul KARABARDAK and David WETHERILL of GBR clinched bronze.

In Class 7 Jean Paul MONTANUS of Netherlands beat William BAYLEY of GBR. They overcame Daniel HORUT of Czech Republic and Billy SHILTON of GBR in the penultimate stage of the event.

In Class 8 Viktor DIDUKH of Ukraine beat Gyula ZBORAI of Hungary in the final. They defeated Andras CSONKA of Hungary and Emil ANDERSSON of Sweden in semis.

In Class 9 Laurens DEVOS of Belgium overcame Iurii NOZDRUNOV of Russia in the ultimate stage. In semis they prevailed against Juan Bautista PEREZ GONZALEZ of Spain and Klaus YANNIK RUDDENKLAU of Germany.

In Class 10 Patryk CHOJNOWSKI of Poland overcame Denis Stefanov KODJABASHEV of Bulgaria in the final. Filip RADOVIC of Montenegro and Ivan KARABEC of Croatia clinched bronze.

In Class 11 Florian VAN ACKER of Belgium won the title. Silver was won by Edouard Lucas CREANGE of France and bronze by Andrii NAVROTSKYI of Ukraine and Eduardo CUESTA MARTINEZ of Spain.


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