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Champions League Men - 5 Dec 2015

French clubs celebrate in the TTCLM Round 5

Photo: Angers FB page

Two TTCLM Round 5 games were held tonight: Walter Wels – Angers 0:3, Pontoise – KTS Energa Manekin 3:1


It was successful day for French clubs in the TTCLM, as both, Angers and Pontoise, won their Round 5 matches. Angers beat away Walter Wels 3:0 in the Group A, while the 2014 TTCLM winner defeated at home KTS Energa Manekin Torun 3:1 in the Group C.


Angers had easily job in Austria against OSHIMA-less Walter Wels who beat French side 3:1 in the Round 2. Jens LUNDQVIST, CHEN Jian and Christophe LEGOUT overcame Mihai BOBOCICA, Zolt PETE and Dominique PLATTNER respectively. PETE stretched CHEN to full five sets distance, while his team mates were far from victories.


One of favorites in the ongoing TTCLM season, Pontoise inscribed its fourth win in the Group C. Marcos FREITAS again led the team, bringing two points against Konrad KULPA in the first match and Cazuo MATSUMOTO in the last one. WANG Jian Jun secured third victory for the host side.


Now three teams have the same 2-3 score in the Group A: Walter Wels, Saarbrucken and Angers. Defending TTCLM champion Orenburg (4-1) secured top spot. In the Round 6 pairs are: Saarbrucken – Walter Wels, Angers – Orenburg.


Concerning Group C, Pontoise will fight against Eslovs for the first place in the upcoming round. Swedish club has 4-1 score, Pontoise and Werder Bremen 3-2 and KTS Energa-Manekin 0-5.


TTCLM Round 5


Group A


SPG Walters Wels – Vaillante Sports Angers 0:3


Mihai BOBOCICA – Jens LUNDQVIST 0:3 (9:11, 5:11, 8:11)

Zolt PETE – CHEN Jian 2:3 (9:11, 11:4, 9:11, 11:5, 9:11)

Dominique PLATTNER – Christophe LEGOUT 1:3 (7:11, 5:11, 11:9, 8:11)


Group C


AS Pontoise Cergy – KTS Energa-Manekin Torun 3:1


Marcos FREITAS – Konrad KULPA 3:0 (11:4, 11:9, 11:5)

Kristian KARLSSON – Cazuo MATSUMOTO 1:3 (7:11, 11:7, 7:11, 6:11)

WANG Jian Jun – Marcin MARCHLEWSKI 3:1 (8:11, 11:9, 11:5, 11:7)

Marcos FREITAS – Cazuo MATSUMOTO 3:0 (11:6, 11:4, 11:6)


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