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14 Jun 2015

France vs. Portugal for the Men’s title

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images


France is in the final of the Men’s Team’s Event at the European Games in Baku. They overcame wounded Germany who was once again forced to play with only two players. 

Dimitrij OVTCHAROV and Patrick BAUM fought hard but second time today they have not space for any mistake. Timo BOLL was unable to recover for the semi final so they were alone again. 

At the opening Dimitrij OVTCHAROV needed four games to overcame Adrien MATTENET. After that Patrick BAUM was stretched to full distance against Simon GAUZY, but he managed to “survive” . Emmanuel LEBESSON had one chance left for France. Already, earlier today he overcame Vladimir SAMSONOV, so there was no doubt about his shape.

“We won but that was not normal situation. German team is strong but we were three against two of them. It was very hard for Germany,” explained LEBESSON. ”We needed only one point and on the other side they had no option to lose anything.”

Already, France had in great chance to win with GAUZY leading 2:1. Eventually he lost decisive game 11:9 against  BAUM. Good for France, LEBESSON seized his opportunity.

“You do not get much days like I had today. Even I am not completely aware what happened. We have been seeking for the medal for so long and finally we are fighting for gold.”

OVTCHAROV was disappointed: “It was very difficult. We have played three finals in one match. We managed to cope with it in quarterfinal, but not in the semis.”

Coach ROSSKOPF praised the game of the French team: ”They were at the top of the game. Especially LEBESSON, who beat SAMSONOV earlier today. This is not the end of the World. This competition was not our priority. We are looking forward Olympic Games in Rio next year.”

European champions, team of Portugal suffered in recent past two defeats against Austria and they finally broke the row to book their place in the final, The back bone of their success was Tiago APOLONIA who overcame Robert GARDOS and added another point on to the record in doubles with Joao GERALDO.

“It is a very strong team and not to mention that Robert GARDOS and Daniel HABESOHN won the European title in Doubles,” said APOLONIA. 

MARCOS admitted he got to much passive at some point of the match against Stefan FEGERL.

“I am happy that the team won. After 1:1 it was dangerous situation,” said FREITAS.

Only 10 days before the start of the Event GERALDO learned that he would replace MONTEIRO. He stood the test well by beating  FEGERL in the fourth match.

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