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Champions League Women - 8 Jul 2015

Berlin new ECLW top seed

European Champions League Women draw will be held in Slovakia on July 13. Reigning champion Fenerbahce is the no. 4

The reigning ECLW champion Fenerbahce is posted on the fourth place on the drawing for the 2015/16 season which will be held next Monday in Bratislava, Slovakia, during the 58th European Youth Championships. Twelve clubs will participate, four more than last year.

Two times ECLW winner, TTC Berlin Eastide starts as new no. 1 in the draw, the spot which was reserved for Fenerbahce in previous two seasons. After many years, one more double ECLW champion Linz AG Froschberg is not among the top four seeds, and now is no. 5.

Fenerbahce was unbeatable last year, having Top 10 ITTF WR player WU Yang, but this time it could say that there is no such clear favorite for the crown. Of course, the drawing list says that Berlin should have small advantage, continuing with same trio Berlin Georgina POTA, Petrissa SOLJA, SHAN Xiaona who all participated in the 2013/14 title. They will be backed now with Japanese Miyu KATO.

Actual ETTU Cup winner Zamek Tarnobrzeg, leading by top ranked ECLW player HAN Ying (world`s no. 12), is able to beat every opponent. Counting also on good experience LI Qian as well as Natalia PARTYKA.

The seed no. 3, SVNO STROCK, the 2011/12 finalist, keeps its usual course, mixing experience and youth in its squad (Sayaka HIRANO, Tetyana BILENKO, Matilda EKHOLM, Lea RAKOVAC...)

Fenerbahce will have its new attempt without Chinese players (Elizabeta SAMARA, Irene IVANCAN, Yana NOSKOVA...). For sure, they will target again the highest possible goal.

As always, Linz AG Froschberg must be considered as one of the title pretenders, bearing in mind not just players (LIU Jia, Sofia POLCANOVA, Iveta VACENOVSKA, LIU Ying...), but tradition and all trophies as well.

ECLW newcomer from Turkey, Bursa, counts on experience of HU Melek and Polina MIKHAILOVA who have been playing many years in this competition. French Metz has two well know names, FU Yu and former European Champion WU Jiaduo...

The 2015/16 ECLW seeding list

1 TTC Berlin Eastside (Germany) 7934

2 KTS Spar Zamek Tarnobezeg (Poland) 7757

3 SVNO STROCK (Austria) 7606

4 Fenerbahce Sport Club (Turkey) 7570

5 Linz AG Froschberg (Austria) 7552

6 Metz TT (France) 7541

7 Bursa Belediyespor (Turkey) 7328

8 Szekszard AC (Hungary) 7118

9 UCAM Cartagena (Spain) 7072

10 Club Pongiste Lyssois Lille (France) 6876

11 TT Saint Quentin (France) 6837

12 Postas Sport Egyesulet (Hungary) 6456

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