European Championships

Ronald KRAMER will lead ETTU in next four years

Photo: Richard Kalocsai

ETTU Ordinary Congress


Ronald KRAMER (Netherlands) was re-elected President of the European Table Tennis Union at the ETTU Ordinary Congress Meeting staged on the occasion of the LIEBHERR 2016 ITTF European Championships in Budapest, Hungary on 19th October. KRAMER was re-elected to the position of the President by acclamation.


“Thank you for the support in the years to come,” stated KRAMER.


Deputy President Ivo Goran MUNIVRANA’s position in ETTU was also confirmed for next four year; on position of Vice-President for Finances stays Dorte DARFELT; both by acclamation.


The newly elected members of the Executive Board are Portugal’s Pedro MOURA and Romania’s Cristinel ROMANESCU. Heike AHLERT of Germany, Nikolas ENDAL of Czech Republic and Sonja GREFBERG of Finland were re-elected at today’s meeting.


Newly elected European representatives in the ITTF Board of Directors are Heike AHLERT, Dorte DARFELT, Sandra DEATON, Sonja GREFBERG, Zdenko KRIŽ, Jörgen PERSSON, Cristinel ROMANESCU.


2016 Badges of Honour were awarded to Louise ADAM (France), Vladimir BELOGLAZOV (Russia), Oivind ERIKSEN (Norway), Svetlana FEDEROVA (Russia), Viljar KASEMAA (Estonia), Emmanuel KOLIBADIS (Greece), Istvan KORPA (Germany), LI Jiao (Netherlands), Arne MADSEN (Denmark), NI Xialian (Luxembourg), Cristinel ROMANESCU (Romania), Karlheinz SCHREINER (Germany), Branko ZBUTEGA (Serbia), Milorad TRPKOVSKI (Serbia).


FLTT President André HARTMANN presented the progress of the preparation for the European Championships 2017 to be staged in Luxembourg. The Championships will be held from 13th to17th September 2017 at the d'Coque, indoor arena in Kirchberg in the City of Luxembourg.