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European Championships - 18 Oct 2016

PATTANTYUS succeeded in tough opening

Photo: Szilvi Hoffer

LIEBHERR 2016 ITTF European Championships


The leading name in the men’s team of Hungary at the LIEBHERR 2016 ITTF European Championships Adam PATTANTYUS had a rough start against Omri BEN ARI of Israel in the opening round of the Men’s Singles Event. Eventually he had won in six games.


“We met for a first time, but I studied and analyzed his game. Still, I did some mistakes at the beginning. I went back because I expected he would play differently on his spins. I had to move much more then I planed. I did not “feel“ the distance correctly. The service game was a problem for me at the beginning, but when I started to feel the ball it got better. “


Adam was two games to three in reverse before he managed to recover.


“I managed to regain mu focus. I visualized the problem, correct it in my mind and tried to do it better.”


Asked about his goal in Budapest PATTANTYUS said.


“Let’s go one step in the time. First I want to finish the Group stage successfully. If I reach into Round of 32 it will be good achievement, but if I managed to reach the Round of 16 it will be big success.”


Adam said he is very happy to play in front “his” crowd.


“It is a good feeling and when I hear “C’mon” from the stands, coming from the kids it is great inspiration for me. It helps me clear my mind and ease the pressure.”



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